Is it possible to use plugins in the web app?




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    Moti Granovsky

    Hi Tani,

    I'm not sure what you mean by "the online application"?

    Sisense is a web application - the downloaded installer deploys a Sisense server, with most of Sisense's core functionality accessible via the web UI, for which plugins are intended. The only windows-based UI currently available is the Elasticube Manager, for which there are no plugins.

    Plugins need to be downloaded and installed on your Sisense server by someone with access to said server (usually an administrator or IT staff) before they can be used.

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    Tani Schenk

    Hi Moti,

    thanks a lot for your reply, that helps. With the online app I meant the online trial version that is available through the link

    The downloaded version wasn't working for me somehow due to blocked ports and Firewall issues, but the online trial is working. So I think then that plugins are not part of the trial version.

    Thanks again!

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    Katie Garrison

    Hi Tani,

    I can confirm that the online trial version does not support adding plugins. At this time the downloadable version of Sisense does support the addition of plugins.

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