Changing Indicator Styles Using the Indicator API (versions 6.7.1+)



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    Brian Wilson

    Hi Jason,

    I'm trying to move beyond the "Big" size into a giant/fullscreen size.

    Is there any way to increase the canvas size at the same time?

    I'm able to get giant text via:

    var options = { 
    value: { 
    fontSizes: { 
    big: '400pt' 
    w.indicatorInstance.setOptions('numericSimple', options); 

    But, it's big text seen through a tiny window and increasing the canvas size seems to just stretch the visible pixels rather than increasing the size of the window.

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    Jason Sears

    Hi Brain,

    I checked for a programmatic way to apply the canvas dimension along with the other settings, but this doesn't appear to exist as an externally configurable option at the moment.

    Currently, the mechanics of setting the canvas dimensions are tightly coupled with the implementation of the render function.

    All the best,



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