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    Elliott Herz

    Hey Malinda,


    In your RANK function, you can specify whether ASC/DESC as well as the type of ranking (handling ties). So you can create a metric which is your RANKing, and clearly specify the different types:

    EXAMPLE: RANK(SUM([Revenue]), "DESC", "1224")

    The options are "1234", "1224", "1334", "1223".

    Let me know if that makes sense.

    Best, Elliott

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    An Y


    I am trying to use RANK in a multi-pass scenario but having no success, could anyone help please?

    Basically I have a Pivot with Rows='GroupName'  and Values='Denominator'.  I have to add column2 to pivot  that shows the average of the Top 10  lowest Denominator values in column1. With the formula shown below I am getting an average of all the Denominator values , not just the top 10 in ASC.

    Raking rule : same rank for duplicate Denominators, and no skipping .


    Thank you


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