Ability to order the legend to a Pie Chart or order a Pivot Table



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    Moti Granovsky

    Hi Janet,

    • How would you expect to specify the desired order? (Currently, items are simply ordered alphabetically, any other order would require some sort of additional input)
    • What would be the expected behavior when the items change (new items are added or items are removed from the Elasticube) - after a build, as data changes, there may be new items that don't have an allocated position.

    I suggest using the Ideas forum or contacting your CSM to open a feature request or vote for an existing one that closely resembles this request. 


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    Brian Wilson

    Hi Janet,

    I've had some success by coding some things with extra spaces in a new field in my cube. Sisense seems to rank them in order, but hide the duplicate spaces:

    WHEN [Fiscal_DayOfWeek] = 1 THEN '      Sunday'
    WHEN [Fiscal_DayOfWeek] = 2 THEN '     Monday'
    WHEN [Fiscal_DayOfWeek] = 3 THEN '    Tuesday'
    WHEN [Fiscal_DayOfWeek] = 4 THEN '   Wednesday'
    WHEN [Fiscal_DayOfWeek] = 5 THEN '  Thursday'
    WHEN [Fiscal_DayOfWeek] = 6 THEN ' Friday'
    WHEN [Fiscal_DayOfWeek] = 7 THEN 'Saturday'
    ELSE 'Other'

    It should also work on the pivot, but on the pivot, specifically, you could keep the sorting but hide that helper column by doing:

    widget.on("ready", function(widget, args) {
    var cat_column = "[fidx=0]";
    //hide first
    $('[id="' + widget.oid+ '"]').find(cat_column).css("width", "0px");
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