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    Duncan Wakefield

    Is it possible to include existing data within a form submission.  For example, I have a list of items and want to provide a response for a specific item.  The user would select that item and as part of the data submitted with the form, a reference to the selected item would be included. 

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    Crystal Mosley

    Is there a way to add Indicator Widgets to a carousel? I have 11 Indicator Widgets, as required, to show different scores of measures, but it's a lot of scrolling on a page. I wanted to see if I could implement a BloX widget and have a more sleek, clean, easy to use dashboard for this customers requirements. 

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    Rafael Cavalcante

    The carousel logic is very hard to undestand. Where can i see the sample code from the videos?

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    Tristan Draaisma (Edited )

    You guys rock, this is awesome! But the speed of the video tutorial is more demo speed, it goes really really fast

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    Adam Blau

    We are pleased to announce the release of Sisense Blox v2.0. It provides a powerful framework based on React and new ActionsSDK, as well as Mobile App and High Availability Support.

    We look forward to hearing your comments! Please share any questions on the Sisense BloX Community Forum where the Sisense Labs Team can respond to you.  


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    Rafael Cavalcante

    How do i compare strings in the conditional logic?

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    Adi Lewenstein

    Hi Rafael,

    The conditional formatting works similarly to the formula's case statements and doesn't currently support string-based conditions.

    Do you have any numeric key that represents the conditional values?

    If not, perhaps you could create such a numeric code in the cube by using a case statement in the cube, for example:


           when value = 'Low' then 1

           when value = 'Medium' then 2

           when value = 'High' then 3

           else 4



    Then, you'd be able to apply the conditional formatting on the new value.

    You can see an example of such usage in the new Weather template (the template code works as the conditional-data, though it is hidden by CSS). 


    Let me know if that helps!

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