What skills are needed for UI design with blox



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    Ron Oren

    Hi Antti

    Great question!

    BloX is a low code environment, meaning that for designing a BloX widget you will need a basic JSON skills.

    HTML and CSS experience is a plus.

    Like any other project, I'll suggest to work with someone who understand UX and can suggest what will be the best layout to reach your business goal but the coding itself is fairly straightforward.

    I'll suggest to contact one of our implementation partners for further details.





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    Rafael Cavalcante

    Knowledge in JSON and patience – at least it's whats been required for me

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    Ravid Paldi

    Hi Antti, pleasure to e-meet. 


    Per your question, below is the optimal set of skills that will let you truly leverage BloX (btw, I would recommend that exact same skills to any OEM that develops dashboards to be used externally as a stand-alone product)  

    Some technical background

    - JSON knowledge is a must have as all the configurations are done via JSON format. 

    - Knowledge in CSS  and HTML will help you a lot as the JSON configurations that you're setting up eventually translate into CSS in a fairly unified straight forward way so knowing how CSS work on HTML will help you a lot to better understand how to configure the JSON properly (other than simply understanding it).

    - Depends on what you're looking to achieve but in many cases you will need some JS knowledge as well and some "general" web-related experience so you could utilize it's amazing trigger options like webhooks and\or other plugins integration (like the Jump-To-Dashboard plugin) 

    Graphic and UI Designer 

    While there is a beautiful templates bank, if you would really want to use Blox to leverage your dashboards' look & feel then working with a digital designer who will understand from you what are your requirements and translate them into beautiful UI 

    Product Manager 

    Optional, but will save A LOT of time and effort, as usually designers don't know what can easily be done with Blox versus what will take significant time and effort to implement and therefore having someone on the team who knows your business requirements, high-level technical aspects of BloX and can communicate it to the designer - will do wonders to your team's productivity.


    As you've probably already figured out, that is a service that we offer at Paldi Solutions. Feel free to reach out for more info. I'd be happy to jump on a call and brainstorm some ideas. 




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