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    Ravid Paldi

    Hi John, 


    We've launched many similar scripts and plugins so I have several suggestions from our experience: 

    - Access list, it depends who manage that list. Most straightforward approach would be to save it in a global configuration dictionary within the plugin's code. If the person who manages that is completely not technical then a Google sheet or a csv file on the server would be the next best option. Search for the autoFilter plugin for some code samples on how to query the cube for configurations. 

    - Column Identifier, if not critical, I would strongly advice to simply use column index instead of using their names. Less elegant and robust but it would be much more stable. 

    - Widget Identifier, I highly suggest using the configuration based on widgets IDs(oid, the same one is in the URL). It would be the most straight forward to implement and most stable. Especially if you will sue the column index instead of column names. 

    - Location for the script - make it a Sisense plugin. It is really not much overhead to convert a dashboard script into a plugin and it would be a LOT easier to maintain, manage and debug. 


    Feel free to reach out if you want some help with it. That's our cup of tea (; 




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    John Hunt

    Thanks for the tips Ravid! We will reach out if we feel we have a need for some more direct help.

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