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    Katie Garrison

    Hi Regina,

    The default option is Auto, which aggregates all the data. This is described more in depth in this document. The other custom options (Sum, Min, Max, etc.) calculate only the values in the rows above the subtotal.

    Please select the type of aggregation you are looking for within that setting. Hope that helps!

    Kind Regards,
    Katie Garrison | Technical Solutions Consultant

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    Regina Adamovski

    Hi Katie,

    Thank you for the quick reply.

    I've read the document in your link, but unfortunately it doesn't meet  my requirement. I can't use the other custom options for the subtotals, because the customer wants to see the weighted average calculation. In example above I expect to get the following numbers:

    (39.827% * 18377 + 13.739% * 17435 + 31.862% * 18333) / (18377 + 17435 + 18333) = 28.729%

    When I use the auto option I get 29.580%.

    Thank you,


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    David Hertzberg

    Hi Regina,

    When a category has only one occurence, then the row and the subtotal are merged in order not to provide two rows almost duplicated :

    Cat 1 - sub category A => values
    Cat 1 - sub category B => values
    Cat 1 - sub total => values
    Cat 2 - sub category C => values
    Cat 2 - sub total => values

    In the example above, there would be only one row for Category 2. For a "Sum" agregation, that is ok. BUT for calculation like a contribution, the value displayed would be the contribution against the TOTAL of all categories. Which makes sense for the subtotal, but weird for the sub category. This behaviour is automatic and means that some automatic calculation by sisense are not made for the subcategory, but for the upper level. I did not check your formula in detail, but given you are using formulas with " , ", I guess you could be in that situation.

    If it is not clear enough, try to do a test with contribution, and with a custom formul to do the contribution (like (agreg/(agreg,ALL(dimension)))

    Hopes this helps.



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    Jessica Orlando

    Hi Katie Garrison

    This functionality is exactly what I am looking for, changing the Subtotal from Auto to Sum. I am curious if there is a way to capture that Subtotal formula without actually having the subtotal in the widget.

    When I remove the Fund Holding Name and subtotal from the visual, the number changes.



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