How to call external r script from sisense ?



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    Ravid Paldi

    Hi Ankit, 


    Can you ellaborate a but more about what you wish to do with R that you want to run a bat file externally from within the dashboard? 


    There are many things that you can do with Sisense and R, I'd suggest following the below forum to open your mind about the possibilities (For example, you can use R functions directly within Sisense formulas, it might be a better approach than externally calling R)


    Anyway, feel free to reach out if you need assistance:


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    Ankit Mandal

    Hi Ravid , 

    Appreciate your detailed response. 

    I actually have some already built R scripts which does some data cleansing and modelling . I am hesitant on rewriting the code on sisense again (Although I might explore that later).  The R code writes some data to a table which I want to use in sisense.

    I want to trigger the R code externally from sisense and use the output from the table inside sisense elasticube (sequentially ) . Would love to understand what would be the best approach here . 




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