Build elastic cube via Rest API


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    Moti Granovsky

    Hi Srinidhi,

    The API you mentioned from v0.9 should do the trick, here is an example of a valid invocation of it:

    • http://localhost:8081 is where Sisense is installed and the API is accessible from
    • /localhost/nullz refers to an Elasticube titled "nullz" located on the same machine where the API is run
    • type=full means a standard build with accumulation. Use type=restart to rebuild the cube from scratch.

    If your Elasticubes are hosted in a different server than the Sisense web server, you'll need to provide the right address in the path. You can see it in the admin page:

    If the API request is successful, you should get an empty body response and the Elasticube will be in "building" status (can be seen in the same admin page above)

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