Network 404 errors when working with ElastiCubes



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    Teh Wenhui


    I am having the same issue, error 404 and showing false for ecm on the page `/app/test`.
    However, restart does not work in my case.


    Error massage on C:\ProgramData\Sisense\application-logs\ecm :

    35.549 [2019/11/29 11:16:00.393] [6720],[ERROR] [app]: [Couldn't initialize server due to: {"message":"Validation error: Table Equipment has columns with duplicated name parameter","name":"ValidationError","code":1002}]

    Wen Hui

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    Kobbi Gal

    Hi Diego,


    It looks like the Data page endpoints are unavailable therefore you're receiving a 404 error.

    Check whether the Sisense.ECMServer service is running.

    Also worth navigating to and see if the ecm microservice is running.

    If it is running, look into the logs C:\ProgramData\Sisense\application-logs\ecm (ProgramData is a hidden folder) and see if you find any errors. You can paste the contents here as well so we can review it.

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    Diego Barros

    Thanks for the response, Kobbi. The ECMServer service was running. But, as you suggested, looking at `/app/test` was showing `false` for that service. So I restarted it and it is now working. 

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