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    Moti Granovsky

    Hi Barry!

    At the moment, Sisense does not have a centralized plugins repository that supports external contributions.

    Usually, when members of the community want to share a plugin they've built or modified, they would upload it to some sort of online storage (box, drive, etc) and share via a post on this exact forum.

    I do strongly recommend sharing as a public git repo (github, gitlab or otherwise) as long as your company's policies allow that.

    For existing plugins you may find in this community - if uploaded by another member, you could reach out to them and suggest a collaboration. If uploaded by Sisense (one of the official add-ons), at the moment they are not available for collaboration but we are looking into ways of making that possible in the future!

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    Barry Gaffey

    Thank you @Moti Granovsky !

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