Creating a report with a header, footer, and grouped content.



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    Nathan Giusti

    With Sisense you can set up automatic pdf exports of dashboards. 


    You can find information on setting up options (including page size, headers, and footers) here

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    Ravid Paldi

    Hi Diego, 


    You have several options to achieve that: 

    1) Build a report within Sisense under its limitations using the PDF Export settings. It won't match your exact requirement but would be the most straight forward and simple approach. 

    2) If the data that is presented within the report doesn't need any processing and can be used directly from the DB, there are several tools out there specifically for these kind of reports and you can get to an exact match of your requirements (but they don't know how to manipulate the data  in any way, your data manipulation will be summed to a single SQL query) 

    3) As it seems that your report is fairly straight forward to implement, you can develop it on your own using the Sisense REST API to get your data. We can help your dev team with some instructions on how to achieve that or alternatively, we can develop it for you (price would range between $5K to $15K, depends on your specific requirements) 

    4) We have developed an external add-on product that does exactly what you were looking for. You can find more info in this Pager or in our website 

    Good luck and feel free to reach out if you have any further questions


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