Error Creating Elasticube Table Relation via API



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    Moti Granovsky

    Hi Kevin - yes, this endpoint is restricted to Live models only, and was added as a stop-gap measure to support these operations while Sisense transitions from legacy (windows-based) Elasticube Manager to the new web-based interface.

    There are brand new REST APIs coming out soon that provide full control over schema, both regular and live, including tables, columns, relations, and so on. These new APIs are expected to be out in the upcoming Linux version, and sometime later in the Windows version as well. 

    Of course, existing APIs will not be deprecated immediately and will still be supported for several releases to allow everyone to learn and transition to the new endpoints, which will be released as REST API V2.

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    Kevin LoGuidice

    Thanks Moti,

    That's great to hear. I am able create relationships via the following rest call and corresponding JSON body content. 

    Appreciate the feedback!


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    Helmi Sfia

    hello in my case

    i m trying to create dashbords automatically 

    so i want to create elasticube throw api but i don't know which apis should i use 

    and i think that i have to use api for creating dataset then create elasticube using sisense api

    any idea ?

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