How can I get the first time of the data that got sold and also last time that got a sold in a day.



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    Ido Darnell

    Hi Master Yoda, 

    This sounds like a modelling challenge,

    Assuming this information is coming from the same table, (if not you could achieve it with another step in between)

    You could create a custom column which concats the [Agent] and [Date] (without timestamp)

    Then add 2 custom columns, with the SORTASC([Agent+date],[timestamp])

    And another one with the same with SORTDESC([Agent+date],[timestamp])

    Then select only the rows which have 1 values, this will give you the first and last time that agent sold that day.

    Another way would be to translate these timestamps into INT and get the max/min for each agent for each day,

    Let me know if you'd like any further clarification or if you'd like to discuss on a quick call,

    We're always here to help,

    "Always pass on what you have learned" -Yoda

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    Master Yoda

    Hi Ido, 


    Thanks for your help. Can you elaborate more on how to concat the agent and date ? should the date will be string ? I already extracted the date from the timestamp by using the createdate but when I concat it. It showed an error that says the fuction concat is not declared.



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