Is there a way to call a widget's "Clear Selection" from a widget script?



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    Nathan Giusti

    Hey Barry,

    Instead of trying to click the button progmatically, it may be easier to just replicate the effects. 


    I would through prism interate through your dashboard filters and set the filter jaql for all to be

    "explicit": false,
    "multiSelection": true,
    "all": true

    Which is basically just the include all filter. 

    Would this work?

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    Barry Gaffey

    Hi Nathan Giusti,

    I'm trying to only clear one specific filter that is controlled by a bar chart widget in this case.

    I can see that the 'Clear Selection' button ultimately calls this command and I think I'm close except that I am passing in the wrong argument(s).

    {$scope: prism.user},
    {dashboard: dashboard, widget: W});


    I've also come up with this:

    if (0 < Widget.metadata.selectionData().length) {
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