Add non-repeating header to list of items



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    Megan Moss

    There is a template called BloxDynamicTable that does this. 

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    Tim Coppola

    Megan Moss are you referencing the Dynamic Pivot Table Blox template? If so, it repeats Data1a for each Data1b entry in the above example. Have you modified it so it only shows: Data1a once in the first column?

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    Lian Yagoda (Edited )

    Hi Sven!

    We've encountered the same issue and managed to solve it with a widget script, please follow these steps:

    1. Add a class to your "title", or the part that you only want to repeat once (in our case it was a column set):


    "type": "ColumnSet",

    "class": "blox-titles",

    "columns": [




    2. Add the following script in your widget script:
    widget.on('ready', () => {

    const items = Array.from($(prism.activeWidget && prism.activeWidget.oid === widget.oid ? '.blox-slides' : `widget[widgetid="${widget.oid}"] .blox-slides`));

    items.forEach((item, index) => {

    if (index > 0) {
    const title = $(item).find('.blox-titles');

    3. refresh and it should be working :)

    Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions at:

    Thanks, Lian


    Paldi Solutions

    Official Sisense Partner

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