need to create elastic cube on web based with mongodb as backend


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    Katie Garrison

    Hi Akondi,

    Currently the desktop ECM is the only way to connect to MongoDB today but our R&D team is working on a solution that will work in the Web ECM in the near future. Feel free to follow up with your CSM for more details if needed.

    In the meantime, you can give this CDATA connector a try - it works on some databases but not others (and is not certified at this time) -

    To install, follow these steps:

    1. Install the jar file according to the ReadMe in the download
    2. Copy the contents of C:\Program Files\CData\CData JDBC Driver for MongoDB 2019\lib and paste it into C:\ProgramData\Sisense\DataConnectors\jdbcdrivers\MongoDB
    3. In Sisense web, open and Elasticube and add data
    4. Select Generic JDBC
    5. Populate the fields with the following info 
      Connection String: jdbc:mongodb:Server={IP};Port={Port};Database={Database};User={MongoDB Username};Password={MongoDB Pass};
      JDBC JAR Folder: C:\ProgramData\Sisense\DataConnectors\jdbcdrivers\MongoDB
      Driver Class Name: cdata.jdbc.mongodb.MongoDBDriver
      Username: {MongoDB username if did not put in connection string}
      Password: {MongoDB password if did not put in connection string}

    Hope that helps,
    Katie Garrison | Technical Solutions Consultant

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