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    Sven Willenberger

    I love using window functions -- so much so that I was wondering if they will ever be added to SiSense as an available function? I know you have the ranking functions so your engine already allows for row partitioning and calculations (albeit simple ones like counting from 1); would it be possible to expand on this to allow for at least *some* of the more common window functions? (This would greatly enhance the ability to perform these calculations on "non-sql" sources of data).

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    Brett Klein

    Reading this post, I was hoping it meant that window functions had been added to Sisense.  They are one of the most powerful tools for BI, the kind that elevates BI tools from being a web-version of the old spreadsheets people used to use.  To Sven's point, with more non-sql sources (like REST APIs) being added every day, the need for Sisense to natively adopt powerful analytical functionality like window functions is only continuing to grow.

    With RANK, it is possible to create a pretty complex system of queries to get around it, but I really don't think anyone here wants to spend time repeatedly recreating well-documented window functions from scratch.  Please consider adding! 

    Something like SQL Server's FIRST_VALUE() would be particularly handy!

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