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    Ido Darnell

    Hi Kevin Crookes

    For the time functions to work you will need to make sure you have a certain time element selected in a filter, either widget or dashboard filter, otherwise it won't know to which date you're referencing to.

    Another way to achieve this would be to use a measured value, where the last week is a filter in the formula,

    Let me know if I can further clarify on the above, feel free to reach out, would be happy to help,


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    Michael Becker

    Hi Kevin,


    do as follows:

    - on secondary setup the same measure as in primary, with filter on date for this week

    - now edit date filter, and go to advanced section of that filter

    - there you should have 2 values, count and offset. First determines how many periods to take (weeks in your case), and second how far back in time to move the starting point. In your case increase offset by 1 and you are there.

    Hope it helps.



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