Alerts based on Sisense Monitor Thresholds


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    Ido Darnell

    Hi Jordan Lawson

    I agree with you and think an alerting system on the monitoring agent could be very useful for many Sisense Admins such as yourself, I think it would be best for you to submit this into the Feature Request Forum

    Also, instead of reactivley assessing your machine performance, you can consider pro-actively investigating that specific dashboard you mentioned, it may be worth while to see if that dashboard tends to max out the machine resources due to high query concurrency, or if theres a specific widget/measure/filter which is running a certain query through a wrong logical path, this may cause a many-to-many query, even if there is no direct evident m-t-m present in the model. 

    Another idea that comes to mind, though maybe not as pro-active, would be to utilise the Sisense Usage Analytics, specifcally the [Dashboard Usage] dashboard, and consider applying a pulse alert on certain  KPIs there which will alert on high query performance.

    Let me know if any of the above helps, I would be glad to meet up to further discuss,

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