500 Error while attempting to extract widget data via JAQL


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    Moti Granovsky

    Hi Ben, could you post the full cURL command you ended up with, that results in this error?

    Additionally, I highly recommend getting familiar with the JAQL syntax, via these articles:


    And trying to execute the raw JAQL query in the "JAQL Runner" tool first. If it doesn't work. there's an issue in the JAQL query syntax, may be with the data source field or something else within.

    If JAQL runner does work but the same query fails with cURL then the format of the cURL command may be the issue - for example missing the correct authentication token in the headers - in that case, I would use a tool such as Postman to generate the HTTP request using the JAQL as a payload, and using Postman to generate the appropriate cURL command once you got it to work

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