Custom Script for Blox Panel Name



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    Sandy Ward

    +1  This would be very helpful in a variety of ways, including (in this example) choosing a single org name vs. multiple org names vs. all org names.

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    Gideon Jeffrey

    Here's a simple way to do something of the kind!  Two steps:

    (1) Give the TextBlock containing the customer name an id attribute - for example, see the bolded text:

      "type": "TextBlock",
      "text": "{panel:Fake Names}️",
      "id": "custName",
      "style": {
        "text-align": "center",
        "font-weight": "bold",
        "font-size": "24px",
        "margin": "100px"

    (2) Open the widget's script and add this:

    widget.on('ready', function(w, args) {
      var custCount = w.queryResult.length;
      if (custCount > 1) {
        $("#custName").text("Aggregate data (" + custCount + " customers)") //insert your id in place of custName

    Here are the results when 1 customer is filtered to vs. many.




    Additionally, if you want to, you can get rid of the carousel arrows like this in the BloX editor:

      "showCarousel": true,
      "carouselAnimation": {
        "showButtons": false
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    Sisense Dev

    Gideon Jeffrey This worked beautifully! Thank you so much!

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    Aniruddha Bharadwaj

    Hi Gideon,


    I am trying to do something similar where i am trying to display from & to date selection made on the dashboard filter.

    i am using this article to create a blox widget to accept from and to dates.

    do you think this is possible?



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