Blox Templates: Fixed Table Layout (for displaying individual values/formulae)


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    Ravid Paldi

    Thanks Steve Lewis, this is superb! 


    a small tip on vertically aligning (assuming youre talking about scenarios where you use a layout of 2 or more colmuns): 

    - Drag the "unaligned" widget into the other column within the row that you wish to "copy" its exact hight. 

    - Then drag it back to your original column. They are aligned now (: 


    A quick question, I've beed looking for quite some time now for a way to automate the trick that you showed (exprting .dash file, making edits, then re-importing it) as it is useful in many scenarios. 

    Do you know a way that we can improt/export .dash files via the API that I missed? to be used by admin users of course 


    Thanks (: 

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