How to Read Dates before 1970


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    John Escobar (Edited )

    Thanks to Oleksandr Burkov I found a workaround.  My problem was solved in two steps:

    Context: Data is pulled from Dynamics365 Online through a CData Connector into Sisense.  Dates are stored as  EPOCH Unix dates.  Therefore, dates prior 01/01/1970 are read as 0.

    • First Step.  Cast the date attribute as VARCHAR when loading the entity.  See the example below:


    • Second step.  Once in the Elasticube Manager you must extract year, month and date and convert them into integer numbers.  Then, use the function CreateDate() to create the new date.  I used David Hogeg's approach to create the date.  Nonetheless, the approach was adapted to get year, month, day from different places in the string (Hogeg's assumes a YYYYMMDD format, while VARCHAR format is YYYY-MM-DDT....).  See the image below:

    You will find David Hogeg's comment here: 

    I hope it helps!



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