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    Moti Granovsky

    Hi Edward,

    If you're getting this error - I assume you're trying to call this API from a client-side script (from within an HTML page) and thus getting the CORS error.

    For that to work, CORS has to be enabled via the Sisense settings API, as explained here:

    However, I would generally advise against doing so - the login endpoint expects a username and password in the request payload, and this type of information should never be hard-coded in a client-side script as it would be easy to obtain - The only exception to this is if the referring page is a login page in which the user is expected to input this information.
    Alternatively, if you are trying to retrieve a token for a user that is already logged in (via SSO for example) then the /login endpoint isn't the right one - it will cause the user to lose their session as it re-generates the token. Instead, the token can be found as part of the user's "prism" cookie created when they are logged in to Sisense.
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