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    Gideon Jeffrey

    Hi Miguel,

    I just tested your script on a pivot of mine and it worked, the *only* difference being that the script you wrote above doesn't include the closing curly bracket, parenthesis, and semicolon; do you think that might be the issue?  Here's my results on a test pivot I spun up:

    And here is the script:


    widget.on("ready", function(w, args) {

    var style = {
    'font-size' : '12px'
    ,'font-weight' : 'bold'
    ,'color' : 'white'
    ,'background-color' : '#7a7a7a'
    ,'text-align' : 'center'
    ,'vertical-align' : 'middle'

    //header columns
    $(".p-dim-member-head", element).css(style);
    $(".p-measure-head", element).css(style);



    (Note the closing }); )

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    Miguel Filho

    Gideon Jeffrey Thanks for the answer.


    I thought that I was missing the closing bracket but I wasn't.

    Ended up I created a new Dashboard and tried the same script again. It magically did its job.



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    Delsaran Bigglesworth

    What would the JQuery look like for Pivot 2.0 in the Linux Version?

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