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    Moti Granovsky


    There's an add-on for Sisense called "Accordion" that does something similar - an iFrame used to show a secondary dashboard within another dashboard, and it passes filters. You can download this Add-on for free and view the code (it is not minified or obfuscated) perhaps you could either use it as is, create a custom version of it, or get some inspiration from the code on how to implement your solution.

    Find the Add-on here: https://www.sisense.com/marketplace/accordion/

    I would note that having multiple iFrames, each showing one widget, in a dashboard - may cause performance issues for the client/user. Its the same as having multiple Sisense dashboards open in separate browser tabs being refreshed all at once, and on weaker/older client machines this may translate to a less than ideal user experience.

    Therefore I would suggest also looking at alternatives such as having these widgets be part of the dashboard, embedding them all together in one iFrame (like what the Accordion does) etc - depending on your use case and needs.

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