Pivot2: "Transpose a Pivot Table Plugin" re-implemented



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    Sean Yuan

    This doesn't seem to be working for me on Windows

    Any idea if any modifications are needed for this to work?

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    Ravid Paldi

    Hi Sean, 

    Re-writing our email correspondance here so the community could benefit as well: 

    There are two types of native Pivot Tables that Sisense offers:
    - Available only on the windows distributions
    - This is the "old" pivot widget that existed the longest
    - Available only on the Linux distributions (at list at the moment) 
    - Visually, it almost completely identical to the old pivot1 widget but under the hood it's html and code are fairly different
    The plugin that we have developed in this post is suitable only for the Pivot2 widget -> the linux distributions. The Pivot1 has its own transpose plugin but I'm not sure if it is stable in Sisense latest. 
    In general, I wouldn't go with the Pivoting approach as it is a very not a stable solution with many limitations, one of them is that it breaks the PDF Exprot.
    You have two stable alternatives that I would reccomend: 
    1) Try the Transposed Pivot Table with BloX instead. Requires more configuration work but it'll be stable and officially supported by Sisense at no additional cost.
    2) Try out our own home grown premium Pivot widget called ExpandablePivot that will be launched to the marketplace very soon. 
    It is packed with lots of handy features and also solve the transpose use case
    Feel free toreach out directly in case you are intrested in learning more. 
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