Get a list of ALL dashboards with specific fields only


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    Moti Granovsky

    Hi David, you can use the "fields" argument with the admin endpoint as well:


    I get the response structure:

    "title": "Sample ECommerce",
    "oid": "5edeac92312bbe002b67a5d1",
    "shares": [
    "shareId": "5ed8f9a3800b79ad85d448cc",
    "type": "user"
    "owner": "5ed8f9a3800b79ad85d448cc",
    "ownerInfo": {
    "email": "",
    "firstName": "moti.gra"
    "ownershipType": "owner"

    I've tried it out on a relatively old version (L8.0.5), I believe it should work on any other version where the admin endpoint exists.


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