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    Nathan Giusti

    A custom tool tip? You'd have to inject your own HTML into the page. You'll need more of a front end web developers help for that. 

    For formatting the columns of a table it depends on 

    1. What formatting do you want to do

    2. Is this a pivot table, regular table, etc

    3. Is this on windows or linux. 

    Some formatting is available out of the box on the design tab. 

    For all widgets you can use widget scripts to modify the table

    For Linux 8.2.1+ on pivots there is an api which can be used to modify the pivot tables. 



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    Ravid Paldi

    Hi Sourav, 


    Continuing Nathan's great response: 

    - If you are on linux, you have this great post that shown you how to use the API to change the styling with many code samples.

    - For windows, it's a bit more tricky but doable. Depending on which Windows version you are using. Specifically, whether its above or below 7.4.4


    As for the tool tip, this is less straight forward:

    - Sisense has a native modal for tool tips that you can leverage but it requires knowledge and understanding of how Angualr 2 is built. This is a sensative development and I would highyl recomend letting a proper JS developer to work on it rather then a BI Developer who learned a little JS. 

    - Once you know how to utilize that modal, triggering the tooltip to pop is fairly straight forward, simply hook to the cell elements to their hover events. 


    Feel free to reach out if you need further help in setting this up. We can also offer to do it as a small project. 




    Paldi Solutions - Gold Partner


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