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Following the announcement over changes to our 3rd party email service, we are now releasing the relevant hotfix and patch.


Reminder - if you are white labeling Sisense and rely on sending Sisense emails from your own domain, you have to verify your email domain as described in the previous announcement. This has to be done until April 17th. If you need assistance contact support@sisense.com.   


Sisense Hotfix

Downloading and upgrading to this version is the recommended path.

Download here



If you cannot upgrade to the latest version, you can apply the patch. Choose the correct patch based on your Sisense version number. If you are running a version older than 5.7 you will have to either verify your domain or upgrade.

Thank you for your patience.


Original announcement:




The Sisense email service has been restored and is now fully functional.  However, in order to comply with new stricter industry standards for 3rd party email delivery, additional actions will be required by April 17th.



By default, emails generated by Sisense are split into two categories:


#1 - System emails such as activation emails, password recovery, etc. These emails are sent by default from a “sisense-admin@sisense.com” email. Since this is a Sisense domain, which is verified by the 3rd party email service, these messages are delivered properly.


#2 - Dashboard reports that are sent on a schedule. These are sent by default from the email of the user who shared the dashboard. Since these email addresses are not considered “verified domains” by the 3rd party email service, new delivery rules recently adopted are blocking these dashboard report emails.


Both types of email (#1 and #2)  will continue to function properly until April 17.


By April 17th you will need to choose one of the following routes to continue using Sisense scheduled emails (type #2). Please note that if you do not take one of the actions described below, scheduled (type #2) emails will stop working on April 17.


Option #1 - Verify your email domain

The industry standard is to add SPK and DKIM records to the sending domains. This can typically be done by your hosting provider. This is a simple step which will take a few minutes to complete. For detailed instructions go here.

Once the domain has been updated, please notify support@sisense.com. They in turn will issue a final verification email that you will need to click through in order to finalize the process.

By following these instructions and verifying your domain, all emails will be delivered from your existing Sisense installation.


This option is the recommended choice for clients who white-label Sisense and do not allow emails from the Sisense domain.


Option #2 - Upgrade to Sisense 6.2.1 Hotfix, to be released on April 14th

Starting from this hotfix,  every email will be sent by default from a verified Sisense domain and thus all emails will be delivered. While the “from” email will contain a Sisense domain, the sender name and ‘Reply To’ address will contain to be the original sender's details.


This does not affect clients who white-label Sisense. In this case the emails will be sent out using your existing domain, as described in Option #1.


Option #3 - Apply patch, to be released on April 14th

If verifying your email domain or upgrading Sisense are not possible, applying this patch will result in the same product behavior as described in Option #2. When you do upgrade in the future to the latest Sisense version, the patch will already be built in, as described in Option #2.

Please note that this patch is applicable only for Sisense V5.7 and up. If you are running an earlier version, please use Option #1 or upgrade to the latest version on April 14th.


Again we would like to thank you for your patience and apologize for the inconvenience.

For questions don't hesitate to contact support@sisense.com.



Sisense Support Team


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