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David Feb 1 Announcements


We have been aware of an issue where the gauge Indicator Widget is not behaving as expected in Chrome browsers of version 48.X.

We’re releasing a hotfix as an interim solution until the issue is resolved in our upcoming Sisense V6.2 release. 

Below you’ll find the symptoms and instruction for installing the hotfix.



  • Indicator Gauge widget’s fixed to the center of the dial, regardless of the value.


  • Min value 0 and Max value 100 displayed regardless of the defined in Min and Max value.

  • Dial ticks are displayed even when the “Ticks” option in the Design panel is unchecked.




In order to resolve this issue please follow these steps:

  • Download this zipped folder
  • Unzip it to your Sisense Web server's plugin folder located at: C:\Program Files\Sisense\PrismWeb\Plugins
    (If this folder does not exist, create it)
  • Restart the SisenseRepository service

Thanks for your patience. Let us know if you'd like any further clarification regarding the above, or if you'd like any assistance with this.


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