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Uploading Files Locally Using Rest (Linux)

In Sisense Linux distribution you are able to upload files to the local environment using Droppy, which is embedded in the Sisense platform.Power-Shell 1 file upload ExampleThe script below will allow the user

Identifying Sisense Services

This article is a reference point for understanding Sisense services and what their purposes are.The notes column contains supplemental information about the service. Please note that this is not an exhaustive

Automatically Backup Sisense Web Data

Sisense uses MongoDB for storing your Sisense web environment information. This information includes how dashboard and widgets are configured, your system's users and groups, and many other configurations. Sinc

Restart all Sisense Services Using PowerShell or Force Restart All Sisense Services

Follow the instructions below to restart all Sisense services and IIS: Log on to the server with your administrator privileges.  Locate PowerShell and run it as administrator (right click -> Run as administrat

Modifying Email Report URLs

IntroductionWhen embedding Sisense in a parent application, there will be a need to route email reports to your parent application dashboard URL.For example, when a customer will load a dashboard in the embedde

Disable Monitoring Logs From Being Sent To Monitoring Service

If for information security reasons you'd like to disable data sent to our monitoring tools, you may disable this by doing the following: On Sisense 7.0 and Above: To disable online logs and have ONLY offline l

Enable Sending Sisense Monitoring Logs

Sisense collects data when you or your users install or use Sisense products or services. Sisense uses the data collected for internal and support-related purposes such as improving our products and services, i

DBfarm Cleaner, Remove Unattached Cubes

When a build fails, the folder that was created up to that point with the data will still remain on your server. This can consume 100s of GB and required to clean from time to time.The attached application runs

How to Export a Certificate using the Certificate Export Wizard

In Sisense version 7.2 and later, SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) settings have moved from Microsoft IIS into the Sisense Configuration Manager.For organizations moving to Sisense 7.2 and above from an earlier versi

Cancel IIS Timeout And Recycling

The IIS has default settings for Timeout and Recycling, which are used for the following reasons:Timeout: One way to conserve system resources is to configure idle time-out settings for the worker processes in

How To Set Up Outlook365 As The Email SMTP Server

Intended AudienceIf you'd like to replace the stock Sisense emailing service with an Outlook365 SMTP server, this guide is for you. Steps to set up:1. RunPOST v1.0 /settings/email_serverWith the following body:

Custom Domain For Managed Services - Re-Branding the URL

In some cases, a customer would like to have his own domain instead of the *.sisense.com provided by Sisense team.   You must have a valid certificate that contains the key and cert Check whether cer file co