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Change Date Granularity of a Widget using BloX

This article will cover the below options:Section 1- Buttons + Highlight Background-Color - Creating Buttons of date granularity slicing options (Alternative for Tabber plugin)ORSection 2 - Dropdown List - Crea

Multi-Select Dropdown List Filter

This article will take you step by step on how to create a multi-select dropdown filter using blox and JavaScriptElasticube:1. Please add a custom column to the "Category" table: Add the below string in order t

Dashboard Request Portal // Embedding Google Form with BloX

Solution:To manage requests for new dashboards (or any other data collection needs) you can embed a Google Form straight into a dashboard using BloX! Get started with this BloX template and follow the steps bel

BloX - Executive Dashboard Example

Article Topics: Tabs to switch between dashboards Indicators + Conditional Formatting Switch between widgets- Including modeling solution (Alternative for Tabber plugin) Tabs to switch between dashboards:Add an

BloX Metadata Changer List

BloX actions allow for a user to attach a script to be executed on a click of a button. A popular use case that has gained a lot of usage recently, has been meta data changing with BloX actions. These actions c

BloX - Dropdown list as a dashboard filter

Introduction:The below article will provide a BloX template that will help you create a dropdown filterThe ‘Dynamic Dropdown’ snippet allows you to populate your dropdown list with a list of values from a speci

Turn Any HTML Into A Blox Template

In this example we'll cover how to take any piece of HTML and turn it into a blox template.Find A TemplateI like to find templates on codepen or jsfiddle through google or through their search.https://codepen.i

Implement Tabber In Blox

USE CASE:Tabber provides the ability to allow users to show and hide widgets based on their interaction with the dashboard.We can use blox to accomplish the same thing. The advantage to this approach is more fl

Blox Dropdown Placeholder

By default, BloX will use the first element in your dropdown as the default text in the dropdown box.Instead of this value, the following method adds a different default non-selectable value.Steps For Implement

Creating 'From-To' Date using BloX

 Analytical Need Attached below is a BloX template.A common request is to have a 'From To' input at the top of the dashboard to affect a calendar range selection of dates.To achieve this need we can utilize Blo

Creating A Quiz In Blox

Today we will create a quiz widget in Blox that will looks something like this:This is a blox exercise to show a simple use case for custom actions.The first step is creating a data source file.You can create s

Alternating BloX Background Color

Add the following css to the style tag of the main blox property.Modify the widgetid value to match your blox widget ID. The ID is the text after /widgets/ in the URL bar.Modify the color to be whatever color y

Using BloX Buttons - Changing Date Granularity Of Widgets In A Dashboard

This article covers the steps to change the date granularity of a widget using BloX actions along with the dropdown input of BloX. In this post, we shall achieve the functionality with the help of single-select

Cycle Through Dimensional Values + Filter Dashboard (Using BloX)

Objective:Cycle through the values of a DIMENSIONAL table and apply a filter to the dashboard accordingly. For each value, return: 1) an image associated with that value, 2) its relevant KPI's, 3) option to fil

Changing Measures In The Entire Dashboard Using Blox User Interface

ObjectiveDisplay several related values (KPIs/Measures) in multiple widgets in the dashboard based on the user selection, in a simple and easy way, without duplicating widgets/formulas or tables in the Elasticu

BloX Sort Values Action

Challenge:When making a BloX widget, there is no UI element that you can use to sort the widget.Solution:This custom BloX action allows you to trigger a sort for any widgets including itself.Steps To Implement:

Relative Date Filter in Blox

Part 1: Preparation And Setup Download the BloX Template Here Import the Template into BloX (tutorial here) Create an action called "RelativeDate" Add the code below to the action and save it.if (payload.t

Switch Multiple Rows In Pivot (As Viewer)

Part 1: Preparation And Setup Download the BloX Template Here Import the Template into BloX (tutorial here) Create an action called "Dim Swapper With Selection" Add the code below to the action and save it

Dimension And Break By Changer With BloX

Objective: Change the grouping dimension of many widgets at once.There are three steps for the configuration: Adding dimensions to the items panel Editing the drop-down values in the BloX design panel Editi

BloX Auto Slider

ObjectiveWhen using actions in BloX, it is possible to use user input values in actions' payloads.Unfortunately, the slider element is not considered an input field, and its values cannot be used in actions pay

Fixed Table Layout (For Displaying Individual Values/Formulae)

I had a requirement to generate a fixed layout of tables, where the values in each cell were calculations (much like an excel worksheet) as opposed to aggregations grouped by a dimension (typically how we use p

BloX Filter Buttons For Trailing X Months

Use this Date Offset Filter Buttons template to add buttons to your dashboards that allow your users to filter the dashboard by a month offset.After importing the template, you can modify the JAQL in the Editor

Highlight Selected BloX Filter Button

1. Apply this widget script (found in the widget menu) to the BloX widget:var ChooseYourHighlightColor = '#00cee6'; widget.on('ready',function(widget, args){ var filterToFind = widget.metadata.panels[0].item

Transposed Pivot Table With BloX

Download the Blox template.Widget Script:widget.on('ready', () => { $(".blox-slides" , element).css( "display", "inline-block" ); })Transposed Pivot Table OutputImplementation: Download and import the BloX

Creating A Filter From A Text Box

The information in a blox text box can be used to create a filter.I ran into a use case wherein the client wanted to create a filter based on a list of values in csv file. The filter dimension has thousands of

BloX Template: Indicators With Sparkline

IntroductionIn many use cases, the most current state of your KPI is as important as the trend of that KPI over time (for example, the trend of stock price, impressions or reach of your social media campaigns,

Percent Complete Circle And Indicator

This is a purely HTML, SVG, and CSS widget requiring no Javascript.The style of the guage is:.circular-chart { display: block; margin: 10px auto; max-width: 80%; max-height: 250px; } .circle-bg { fill: none; s

BloX Template: Gradient Title Bar Indicator

The Gradient Title Bar Indicator Template contains a styled title bar of 3 KPI with a gradient background.Installation Instructions:1. Download the attached template2. Extract the json file into your BloX templ

Passing User Information In BloX Post Action

ObjectiveSend the user information along with data in a BloX Post payload without additional data security or dimension transformation.MethodThis method uses the following BloX components: A widget script A

Creating Dynamic Infographics With BloX

ChallengeWhen developing a web page or a BloX widget designers face the same challenge. Accurately placing text and other design elements in the design space are difficult and arduous processes. Furthermore, ad

BloX Calculator With What If Editing

Download BloX Template or DashboardThis BloX template demonstrates how you can leverage the input fields to create a simple calculator that can be used for what-if scenarios.By default, the input fields are pop

Sisense BloX Custom Actions Guide

Sisense BloX 2.0 has introduced custom actions. These answer any need for interactivity that is not met by the 5 native action types.Once an action is created, its snippet is added to the “My Actions” section o

BloX Template: Dynamic Pivot Table

Introduction:The Dynamic Table template allows you to create a pivot table which dynamically sizes columns based on the size of the browser.This template is structured for 4 columns, each of which are set to 25

BloX Template: Flashcard

This is a simple BloX that has a dynamic Image and details reading from Elastic Data Hub. The purpose of this BloX is to give a simple ability to display details as well as image stored in the data model.The im

BloX Template: Rate

We have created a Blox template named Rate to display simple conditional image base off data valueThis is for the simple use case where an image is conditionally displaying base off the rate given from the pane

BloX Template: Currencies Conditional (Crypto)

I have created a BloX template called Crypto Conditional to display currencies changes. This template will display the comparison of data value and an indicator to show it recent behavior The BloX display the d

BloX Template: Title & Details

Introduction:The Title & Details template contains a styled title, followed by 4 key-value sets, providing additional information. It can be used as an informative title, especially in drilling dashboards that

BloX Template: Jumbotron

Introduction:The Jumbotron template mimics Bootstrap's  Jumbotron element and suggests an elegant and actionable header.Installation Instructions:1. Download the attached template2. Extract the json file into y

BloX Template: Dynamic IFrame

Introduction:The Dynamic iFrame template contains an iFrame element whose hosted page's URL is set by data, fetched from the Elasticube, or contains it.Since the URL is data-related, the content of the iFrame w

Blox Template: Titled Indicator

Introduction:The Titled Indicator template provides a clear KPI indicator, with the addition of displaying a category name (item) as the indicator's title:Those may come in handy when you want to display the to

Jump To Dashboard (JTD) BloX Close Button

Closing the modal window of a Jump to Dashboard can only be done be clicking outside of the window. This post details how to use BloX to create a button that resides within the window, which allows users to clo

Creating A Dynamic Rank Button With BloX

This post details how to create a 'rank' button to filter a widget based on user input. Ex: if the user inputs a 5, the widget will show the top 5 records by the measure of choice. Step 1Create the desired widg

BloX Button To Add/Remove Break By

This article details the process of creating a BloX button that applies/removes Break By on one or more widgets. Step 1Create the widget(s) including the Break By field. We will need to retrieve the JAQL for th

Using BloX To Dynamically Change A Dimension

The goal is to allow users to dynamically choose a dimension. The below script will work with a table or a pivot table, but it can be modified to work with other widget types as well. Step 1Create a BloX widget

Make Blox Widget Display Horizontally When Carousel Is Set To False

ChallengeWhen you set the Carousel to false the widget will stack new items vertically. When we want the widget to populate itself horizontally we can use this code to change the display to inline-block instead