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Dashboard Design

Sharing a file from a local machine in a dashboard

Sisense has the capability to share a local file (excel, word, pdf etc.)  with dashboard users.   Note:The file must be saved on the server in the following path: %programfiles%\Sisense\PrismWeb. You can create

Performing a Front End Left join (Using Measured Filtered Plugin)

 Analytical Need Often times, we are required to present all the existing records in our dimension whether we have or don't have records to aggregate for it from our fact table or simply, perform a left join on

Dynamic Pivot Table Data Bar Color Formatting

IntroductionThis article describes how to dynamically color the Data Bars within a pivot table based on the cell values. Presented here are two methods: Use stock gradients to provide different colors based on

Current Rank out of Total Indicator

 Analytical Need On certain scenarios, one would like to show an indicator that presents the ranking of a current selection(filter) out of all the items in the pool. This allows the viewer to quickly understand

Convey Your Message at a Glance

Statistical measurement types and visualization that supports your message Having a hard time deciding the best way to visualize your data? How can you convey your message and provide the right business context

Grid Charts

 Analytical Need Sometimes we want to display 2 dimensions and one measure in a widget. Ordinarily we will use a pivot table for this purpose. A pivot table may be very nice & good but it doesn't allow us to fi

Target on Gauge

 Analytical Need Gauges are types of widgets that are very helpful in presenting progress or whether a KPI is met such as current state vs. expected state based on previous calculated value.At times, we might b

Changing published widgets' attributes

After publishing a widget, we can access it's attributes to further modify it to our requirements.Step 1 - Find the Widget titleNamed 'widgettitle' from the browser's console, by adding a 'debugger' to the this

Calculate the Month Difference Between Min and Max Date Fields from the Dashboard (without scripting)

 Analytical Need For a metric, I need to calculate the month difference between the min and max date of purchase for each brand in my dataset. I want the dates to be dynamic in respect to filtering, etc. I am u

Sisense Performance: A Billion Records in a Single Server

Browsing our site, speaking to our team, or reading about us in analyst reviews, you might have noticed that we dig technology here at Sisense. That’s why when clients and prospects desire to push the limits, b

Dashboard Comparison

In Sisense, you can view two separate dashboards side by side and slice/dice the data differently for each of them. Of course you could open each dashboard in a new tab, but then you can't see them both at the

Pivot2. How to set up styles with the scripts?

Currently, in Linux installation, you can face widget [Pivot2]. This is a new realization of the widget [Pivot]. This means that it has new styles, new classes, etc. Almost all the scripts to change styles of t

Reorder pivot columns by viewers

 Need  A common requirement for self service BI is to enable the viewers to save their own report. This can be achievable in Sisense if you are a designer of a dashboard.However, when you are a viewer, you can

Dashboard Performance Best Practices

In this article, we are going to map some of Sisense Dashboard Design Best practices related to performance. When you start developing a dashboard or when you want to simply improve its performance, take a look

Maximize Dashboard Performance

What is good dashboard performance?Dashboard performance is the time it takes to load a Sisense dashboard.  We want our users to have a good experience when working with our data.  The time taken to load the da

Hide a column - Linux Pivot

Sometimes we would like to hide a column in our pivot table so we will be able to apply a specific logic or order the table by a column without displaying it.The following script will allow you to hide the need

YTD function reference

Below gives a solution on how to compare this year results up to today with previous year until the same parallel day.Solution:  If you want to compare this year and the previous year you can add a widget filte

Restoring dashboards default settings automatically

In this post you can learn how to automatically 'Restore Dashboard' on each page refresh or opening, this setting will always restore the dashboards initial published state for your viewers and designers.This c

Changing the ‘Grand Total’ label on pivot table

*****Windows Only****When having a pivot table which contains more than one value and present the grand total for each of the values, the total row is called “Grand Total” In some cases you can face with users’

Creating 'From-To' Date using BloX

 Analytical Need Attached below is a BloX template.A common request is to have a 'From To' input at the top of the dashboard to affect a calendar range selection of dates.To achieve this need we can utilize Blo

Change multiple dashboards owner

In case when you need to change the owner of multiple dashboards there are few ways: 1) In case all the dashboards are in 1 folder then you can select the folder and export the dashboards.​ After what, import t

Automatic switching between dashboards

This article explains how to automatically switch between dashboards every predetermined amount of time. This might come useful, when you have multiple dashboards that you want to be presented in a cycle on a m

Passing Dashboard filters by URL Parameters

This article describes how the append dashboard filters as URL params to apply scope automatically to embedded dashboards.The example below shows how to apply members as filters. If you already have dashboard f

How To Create Customized "Time Frame" Radio-Button Filter

This post will show how to create an easy to use Radiobutton filter (single selection type) with a list of predefined custom time frames. The created time frames can also be used for breaking by charts or pivot

Reset to Default Filters Button using BloX

This article will explain how to create reset to default filters button in BloXThis helps in case you want to provide this icon functionality on the dashboard and not just in the Filters panel. 1. Create a new

Control Chart

Control charts are a common way to show a trend line of some metric, as compared to an upper and lower boundary. This article explains how to create a control chart in Sisense.1Step 1 - Create a Line Chart with

Create an AND Filter For Survey Data

Issue In Survey Data you might have 10th or even 100ds of parameters per questionnaire, Sisense suggest transposing all the parameter into one column (See article). Once you do that you might run into an issue

How to create a Personalized Navigation Landing Page

 RequirementIn this article, we will look to create a personalized dashboard navigation landing page that shows: The logged user's most popular dashboards. Most popular dashboards on the company level. Consider

Highlighting Max Value in a Pivot

 Analytical Need When designing our dashboards and widgets, we should always consider the visuals and UI to convey the message of our widgets and help our users to consume the data easily, and take actionable b

Color a column chart based on another formula

If you need to color columns in a column chart based on a different formula you will need to use the following solution.For this example, we will color the columns that calculate [Total Cost] for the [City] by

Replace Values with Text - Pivot Table Widget

IntroductionThe following enables to change the value in pivot tables to specific strings, while allowing the use of conditional coloring as normal.Step 1 - Add The Following Script To Your Pivot's Edit Scriptw

Dashboard Planning and Implementation

This page is intended to keep a focus on Dashboard design in terms of: Planning  Implementation  User experience and functionality Dashboard training for end users Dashboard PlanningDashboard planning go

Replace the homepage with an embedded dashboard

Introduction:By using the re-branding API you can replace the default homepage with a specific dashboard.(For further explanation of the branding functionality please read this article.)Keep in mind you need to

How To Create & Use Variables

Sometimes we'd like to define variables to hold specific metrics and use them throughout the dashboard in several places, with the ability to change / control them in one repository without the need to manually

Leveraging Usage Analytics for maintaining a healthy environment

 Analytical NeedIn this article, we can find a suggested approach on how to better maintain our Sisense environment. The current tools and methodologies take us to an encumbering and challenging work. By creati

Optimizing Dashboards For Mobile Viewing

Topics Covered: Limitations of mobile widgets Testing methods Best Practices Sizing for mobileLimitations Of Mobile Widgets All widgets are put into a single row Widgets are given a height of approximat

Turn a dashboard into a card view - Spaces between widgets

If you wish to turn this dashboard :into this:Please copy & paste this dashboard script:dashboard.on('widgetready',function(d) { //Card view $('.dashboard-layout-column').css('background-color', '#F0F0F0'

Formatting Date And Time As A Single String

CaveatsIf you have windows, the only way to do this in a way that will show up in exports is to create a string representation of the date in the elasticube and use that. There are limitations. If these are sig

Show Top N Members Over All Groups Always Including Selected Member

Notice how Denmark's data above is significantly lower than the other country's.In spite of not falling into the selected top 10 range, it will still show on the chart for comparison purposes.Steps To Implement

Change X Axis Interval

In the example above, the interval was set to 7.This will work for any data type.Widget Script:widget.on('processresult', function(a,b){ b.result.xAxis.tickInterval = 7 })

Hide Values After Sorting In Column/Bar/Line Charts

Works With Any Chart Widget That Allows Right/Y2 Axis.CHALLENGE:As a dashboard designer you might want to sort the X axis of a chart based on some aggregated values but want to show another aggregation. For exa

Conditional Formatting Break By Chart

In this post we will cover two scenarios: Legend-Based Color: conditionally format the elements in order that they appear in the legend (alphanumerically) Value-Based Color: conditionally format the elements

Calculate Weekly Overtime Using The Formula Editor And Its Functions

Analytical Need A lot of business use cases revolve around utilization of resources and their productivity where the resources could be their inventory, machines, carrier or the human resources of an organizati

Showing The Aggregated Value Of The Selected Date And The Last Year’s Same Day Of The Same Week

Analytical Need It is always a common ask from the business to compare the daily metric of a selected date and then compare it to the last year same period metric. The same period could sometimes be the same da

Compare A Time Window Against The Immediately Preceding Time Window Of The Same Size.

Users could sometimes want to compare performance on a particular time period vs the immediately preceding period. Sometimes those periods are not of a common size like months or quarters. It could be a campaig

Divergent/Negative Bar Chart

Sometimes you may want to compare two values alongside each other to measure impact of one vs the other but without stacking them or having them side by side.This is often called a divergent bar chart.This can

Maintain Percentage Contribution Using ALL Function

Analytical NeedEven though this requirement sounds fairly simple, a lot of times, this use case gets confusing. If there are 10 stores for a Retail Chain, sometimes the Management would only want to compare 3 s

Filter For Last Working Day

When a filter based on this custom column is active, the dashboard will reference the last working day.If the dashboard is checked on Monday or Sunday, Friday's data will be shown. If the dashboard is checked o

Widget Script: Stream Data Into A Widget With Sub-Second Refresh

ChallengeThe utility of a sub-second refresh rate is limited to monitoring use-cases. This, of course, is not BI, but there may be cases where a BI use-case also incorporates live streaming data to trigger an a

Table Vs Table With Aggregation Vs Pivot Vs Blox: Which One Is Right For You?

Sisense has several different ways to present table data. Often we pick whichever one we find first that seems to work, instead of picking the table that best meets our requirements. This can result in unnecess

Ordering My Pie Chart From Largest Percentage To Smallest

Modeling Need:My pie chart is ordering the data in alphabetical order by category. I am looking to order the data from largest to smallest percentage.Solution:I can change the widget type from pie chart to colu

Advanced Dynamic Filtering

Many times we’d like to be able to compare a few items out of a large set to see how they relatively behave. For example, how a certain period did compared to any other period, or how a certain country’s sales

Turning Bar Chart/ Column Chart Into Indicator Widget To Compare Multiple Goals

The purpose of this post is to provide the instructions to use a bar or column chart to create a widget where you can compare a value such as revenue to multiple goal levels. In order to do this I had to add a

How To Work With Client Specific Custom Fields

Dynamic Field NamesThis project shows a sample implementation of the Metadata Translator plugin, in order to show field names specific to the end user. In this use case, the end users belong to different compan

Using A Bar Chart As A Selective Indicator

IntroductionThe purpose of this article is to show you how to use a bar chart as an indicator to provide an overview and allow you to make selections.Bar charts are normally used to provide quantitative visuali

Create Data Points In A Column Chart

IntroductionUsing line markers can be a great way to compare data whether it be over time or across a category. However, creating a marker requires using the Javascript API to hide the line. The steps below out

Calculate YOY , QOQ, MOM Calculations To Date.

IntroductionQuick functions are a great way to perform comparative analysis based on time periods. However there is no easy way to do a comparison to date. e.g. YTD vs YTD Last Year. e.g. If today is Sep 27, 20

Rolling Up A Date By Day Of The Week

IntroductionThere is no OOTB option to roll up a date by the day of the week.Use this simple trick to achieve this with a simple custom field which will display and sort  as a calendar day without any additiona