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Dashboard Modeling

AND filter - How to identify Items that have all selected values

 Analytical Need I would like to count all the products that are sold in Germany & Canada. When you select Germany and Canada in a typical Sisense filter, it will give you results for products that are sold eit

Ranking range

IntroductionMany times we'd like to analyze our data according to top/bottom ranking positions, for this we have the out-of-the-box ranking filters. At other times, we'd like to see certain ranges, such as the

Conditional Filtering on Measured Values

 Analytical Need Aggregation functions are used to group a set of values to perform calculations that return a single value. SUM(), MEDIAN(), and COUNT() functions are some of the most common aggregation functi

Calculating Weighted Average

Analytical NeedWeighted average refers to the mathematical practice of adjusting the components of an average to reflect the importance of certain characteristics.This practice can be useful in different scenar

Year over Year analysis

This article demonstrates how to visualize year over year comparisons. This will be useful if you want to compare the performance of multiple years by the same day, month, or quarter. This will require the crea

Applying Conditional Formatting Based on Another Measure Performance

This article will show how to set conditional formatting on a specific value based on another one that doesn’t directly relate to it. For example, when one wants to show a total of revenue in a specific region

Calculate and compare selected member to non-selected members

 Analytical Need You want to display a value for a selected member (i.e. Salesperson) vs the min/max of all non-selected members. This can be achieved using modeling techniques but this solutions describes how

Forecasting by Historical Performance

 Analytical Need While tracking your sales performances during the quarter and compare it with the quarterly target, wouldn’t be helpful if you’ll have an indication for your current pace and whether you’re goi

Year over Year for the past x months

Analytical Need Sometimes we wish to see how we are performing in the last x months and comparing that to the previous parallel period.For example, we wish to see how we perform from Sep last year to Aug this y

Exclude 'today' using jaql

Sometimes we'd like to see all our data up to today, not including. It is very easy to achieve this within the Elasticube by creating a custom column which calculates the daydiff between the date to today i.e.

MTD, QTD, YTD: Working with Data Sets Webinar

A common requirement in data analysis is to be able to view and compare slices of data from different time periods to current date. Business applications for this vary, from identifying trends to predicting fut

Pareto Analysis

 Analytical Need Pareto analysis is a technique based on the Pareto Principle which states that 80 percent of problems or effects are produced by 20 percent of causes. This type of analysis can be useful in the

Custom Month and Year to Date to Last Year MTD and QTD Calculations

Month to Date (MTD) and Year to Date (YTD) calculations provide us results of activity in the time between the beginning of a date (can be a month or year in our example) and the beginning of the current month

Performing an OR between dashboard filters

 Analytical Need  A common requirement in data analysis is to be able select values from several filters and to see the results that contains all of those values and not only the results where only selected va

Calculate Pivot Total at Row Level

 Analytical Need  Calculate the pivot grand total at the row level to do calculations such as % of the grand total. You may have tried the following and not received the desired results: ALL function This will

Inclusive and Exclusive filter conditions - Filtered Measure Solution

The following article describes how to answer the following question: Which countries have sales for product A but not for product B The solution is based on using the Filtered Measure plugin. 1. Go over the in

Limit Dashboard Filter Items By Another Filter

At times, you might want to limit the items suggested in a dashboard filter by another field's value (for example: enable the user to choose between all subcategories under a specific Product Category). This fu

Show last month with data

The last month with data isn't the current calendar month (payroll for instance).The out of the box feature of Sisense supports only the last calendar month Below shows a solution  to have a default filter that

Create Widgets With Month Or Day Names By The Correct Order

DescriptionCreating a sorted label for the week days or months (names) in a widget is not a simple task. The base sorting is based on alphabetical order and not on the logical order of days or months. For examp

Performing An Aggregate Product In Sisense

Purpose:To create a product aggregation in Sisense (multiplies all values together, similar to the way a sum function adds all values together). Situation:A financial use case has a table with relative daily ga

Send Pulse Notification Only By The End Of The Month

Analytical Need  Send Pulse notification only by the end of the month to track monthly performance. Cube is being built daily. Modeling ChallengeSisense will trigger Pulse alert after every cube build if the

Top 5 + Bottom 5 In The Same Chart

Analytical Need You want to display a chart/table with the Top X and Bottom X, all in the same widget Modeling ChallengeSisense allows setting ranking filters based on a measure, but this is only for Top OR Bot