Hide Values After Sorting In Column/Bar/Line Charts

Works With Any Chart Widget That Allows Right/Y2 Axis.


As a dashboard designer you might want to sort the X axis of a chart based on some aggregated values but want to show another aggregation.
For example:
In the below widget we would like the countries to be sorted by Total Cost while displaying Total Revenue:
1. Sort by the desired value field, in this case Total cost.
2. Put this field on the Right axis.
3. Go to the design pane on the right hand side and scroll down to the Y2-Axis:
4. Set the Min and Max values to be out of the scope of the actual values: In this case as we dont have negative values, I have set the Min value as -50 and max value as -1.
5. Turn off the Y2 axis so that it doesn't show on the chart.
6. Save the Widget and Done!