How to create a Personalized Navigation Landing Page


In this article, we will look to create a personalized dashboard navigation landing page that shows:
  • The logged user's most popular dashboards.
  • Most popular dashboards on the company level.
Consider further enhancing the logic presented in this article.


1) To address the need, we will first need to learn how to implement a landing page - Follow this article to learn more on that.
The reasoning behind it is we will use data-security where we will give a logged user permissions to see:
  • His own records - Retrieving his popular dashboards
  • The dummy user records - Retrieving the most popular dashboards on a company level.
4) Add data-security rules to the model that enables the user to see his own UserID/UserName from DimUsers table + UserId/UserName '-1'.
5) Find the attached BloX template that introduced action buttons to jump to a specific dashboard.
6) Import the attached dashboard example NavigationDashboard (1).dash.
You can learn more on how to customize BloX in the following documentation page:
That's it!