Target on Gauge

 Analytical Need 

Gauges are types of widgets that are very helpful in presenting progress or whether a KPI is met such as current state vs. expected state based on previous calculated value.
At times, we might be interested to show a target that needs to be met and present it on the Gauge.
For example, the sales manager wants to show the current sales progress of its team and how far the team is from the monthly target.


To present a target, such as a sales or score target on a Gauge widget we can use the 'Change Value Colors' on the relevant value and edit the coloring conditions of the Gauge:
The 'equals' will represent the value on the Gauge to be placed with a black mark.
You may use more complex formulas to determine the area to mark in black such as a 'Target' value in your dataset.
In the widget design pane, make sure to select the Gauge option with Skin #2:
That's it!