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Connecting to Data

BambooHR Data Connector

The connector will work on Sisense version 7.1 and upHere are the steps for connecting to BambooHR data: Unzip this folder REST.Bamboo.Connector.zip and place it in the connector directory: C:\Program Files\S

Set Up A Table In A REST Connector

This article explains how to set up a table in a REST Connector when the response to the API Endpoint is an array.Sisense expects the results returned in the format of JSON documents. If an array is returned, S

Developing Custom REST Connectors

Sisense lets you import data from multiple sources using built-in connectors or by a customized connector. Sisense custom REST connectors framework enable you to program your own connectors to popular data sour

Deleting stored data source connections from the ElastiCube Manager

Intro One may want to delete the connection credentials entered in ElastiCube Manager. This to prevent other users who have access to the server, being able to connect to the data source on their own - and gett

Pixel Perfect Reporting Using Crystal Reports and Open Sisense (ODBC)

While Sisense provides powerful analytics and simple report printing, if pixel perfect report printing is required, additional tools like SAP Crystal Reports must be used. Purpose/Benefit Pixel Perfect reports

Adding data from a shared network folder

IntroductionThis forum post will demonstrate how to add data located in a shared network folder to your desired ElastiCube.PurposeIn many cases we wish to import data located in a shared network folder to the E

Moving JSON data to the ElastiCube

This post describes methods of importing JSON data into Sisense ElastiCubes.JSON is a file format consisting of arrays of key-value pairs wrapped in braces ("{}"). It is increasingly common with the popularity

Elasticube Manager hangs when trying to add Amazon Redshift data

SymptomIf you are unable to connect Sisense with your Redshift data this might be caused by high MTU settings. ExplanationSome Amazon EC2 servers are set by default to an MTU value of 9001 (Ethernet "Jumbo fram

Quickbooks Online: Customizing Table Schemas

Connecting to Quickbooks online. Begin with downloading the connector. Create an app in Quickbooks online environment Creating an AppYou can follow the steps below to create an app and obtain the OAuth client c

Setting Up an SSH Tunnel Between Sisense Machine & Data Source

A Secure Shell (SSH) tunnel consists of an encrypted tunnel created through an SSH protocol connection. Users may set up SSH tunnels to transfer unencrypted traffic over a network through an encrypted channel. 

"URL Blocked' Facebook Connector error

When trying to connect to Facebook via the Elasticube Manager you may run into the error below: Solution: There is a feature called "Facebook login"  which enables a different mechanism of logging into the

REST Connector troubleshooting

Sometimes a user can experience difficulties while defining a REST connector. This guide will help to troubleshoot these connectors. Topics: REST connector prerequisites Timeout issue Logs to review Rest Con

Querying your MSSQL / MySQL / Oracle DB Server for Number of Rows

Introduction: This post describes how to query your MSSQL, MySQL or Oracle DB to get the breakdown of the amount of rows in the DBs. Prerequisites: 1. MSSQL / MySQL / Oracle DB 2. SQL Client Access to the DB (i

Use CSV and Excel From Hosting File Sites - FTP/S3/DropBox/GoogleDrive etc'

When using one of the file hosting sites (HTTP or HTTPS, Amazon S3, Azure Blob Storage, Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, Sharepoint, AzureDataLakeStoreGen2, AzureDataLakeStoreGen2 with SSL, FTP or FTPS, SFTP) you ar

Connecting to Microsoft SQL Server Using a Non-Standard Port

By default the MS SQL Server data connector will use the MS SQL Server default port 1443.To connect using a different port, use the portNumber parameter in the Additional Parameters field to specify the new por

Connect To JIRA Server Using CData JDBC Driver

Please note, these instructions are to connect with the JDBC CData driver to JIRA Server. These steps will not work for JIRA Cloud at this time.Pre-requisites Configure JIRA Server to allow OAuth connections,

Dremio ODBC Connection

In case you don't know already you can download the Dremio ODBC drivers here:  https://www.dremio.com/drivers/ Information for configuring the driver can be found here:  https://docs.dremio.com/drivers/drem

Automate Download From Mongodb To Csv

Introduction The purpose of this forum post is to automate the download of data from mongodb based on specific fields. At the end of this post, you should have an automated Windows Scheduller process running th

Resolving The Following Error: "Lost Connection To MySQL Server During Query"

The above error may occur as a result of a timeout on the SQL server. This is more likely to happen when one or more of the following conditions apply: The MySQL server is at a remote location (possibly with

Connecting Sisense To Local SQL Server In Sisense Version 7.4.4 And Newer

Connecting Sisense to Local SQL Server in Sisense version 7.4.4 and newer  Open SQL server and initially connect using windows Authentication. Go to Security > Logins, right click and Create new user as seen

Connecting To SalesForce Marketing Data

This connector uses cdata jdbc driver found here: https://www.cdata.com/drivers/salesforcemarketing/jdbc/After you run the installer, the files you are going to want to copy is found here:C:\Program Files\CData

Connecting To Zoho Using The Zoho Reports API

IntroductionThis article will explain how to set up the Zoho Reports API and extract CSV data using an automated python script.  Purpose/BenefitZoho is a cloud based CRM and HR tool.  It has many modules that h

Connecting To Twitter Via API

IntroductionThe present post explains how to connect to twitter using their API to download the list of followers of a twitter account. The solution is based on a script in nodejs that uses this npm module and

New York Times Top Stories REST API Connector

NY Times Top Stories OverviewThe New York Times provides an API to retrieve a list of Top Stories and associated images by section (such Home, World, National, Politics, etc.).Sisense provides the New York Time

Harvest REST API Connector

Harvest Rest API ConnectorHarvest provides an API framewok to support valid applications connecting and in our case pulling data for analytics.  This Rest configuration will allow you to pull from the Harvest R

MediaMath REST API Connector

PURPOSEMediaMath provides a REST API for many different operations within their platform.  This includes a reports API for downloading data for analytics.  This post describes how to use Sisense's REST API Fram

WooCommerce Rest API Connector

PURPOSEWooCommerce provides a REST API for many different operations within their platform.  This API provides endpoints with data that can be pulled into the elasticube in order to analyze store performance.  

Getting Started With DbVisualizer

ProblemThere are many data sources (connectors), such as web service APIs where we not familiar with their tables/fields like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube etc.Before importing your data from a web service, you sh

QuickBooks DESKTOP - Generating Tables For Profit & Loss Report

In order to generate a profit and loss report from the QuickBooks Desktop Connector, you will need the following tables. Account Custom Profit & Loss DetailThe Account table is a standard table available wit

Tips And Tricks For Configuring The Excel Services ODBC Driver By CDATA

If you organization has Excel documents stored within Sharepoint that you would like to bring into the ElastiCube Manager, you may chose to use a CDATA driver to bring this data in using an ODBC connection.Belo

Coinbase Data Connector

Download: Coinbase ConnectorIntroduction:This article will explain how to make a REST API connection to Coinbase's APIPurpose/Benefits:This connector gives you the ability to pull in data about cryptocurrencies

IP Lookup Data Connector

Download: IP Lookup ConnectorIntroduction:This article will explain how to make a REST API connection to IP Geolocation in order to retrieve information about IP addresses.This connector will select IP addresse

Currency Conversion Data Connector

Download: RatesAPI ConnectorIntroduction:This article will explain how to make a REST API connection to Rates a public currency conversion APIPurpose/Benefits:Currency conversion may not be available in your da

Stock Market Data Connector

Download: IEX ConnectorIntroduction:This article will explain how to make a REST API connection to IEX Group's public stock market APIPurpose/Benefits:Connecting to stock market data can be difficult and costly

Google Calendar Python Export Script

This post explains how to retrieve google calendar meetings via a python script. Being able to connect to your own google calendar or to other’s calendars (through shared calendars within an organization) can b