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Elasticube Management

How to export .ecdata and .dash files

IntroductionThis forum post will demonstrate how to save your ElastiCube .ecdata file which contains your ElastiCube schema and data, and the .dash file of your desired dashboard.Purpose/BenefitsThe .ecdata fil

Monitoring Your Builds

Part of having a successful BI tool is having your data refreshed on the time you need it. To ensure your builds are working as expected, you can follow the steps provided below.Step 1 - Setting Up a Build Aler

Change The Location Of The ElastiCube Data Folders

Introduction This article explains how to change the location of the ElastiCube data folder. By default, ElastiCubes will be stored in C:\ProgramData\Sisense\PrismServer\ElastiCubeData. Many customers prefer to

Server Console Preferences & Configuration

Note: Sisense's default ElastiCube Server Console configuration is optimally tuned for ElastiCube and dashboard performance. It is generally not recommended to change these settings (except for Default server d

Get CSV of ElastiCube Dependencies

IntroductionThis script exports to CSV a complete list of the front-end dependencies for each ElastiCube. It provides information about whether an ElastiCube is used for data security, hierarchies, build alerts

Get number of rows in elasticubes

Though there is no direct API endpoint to get the number of rows in an elasticube, there is an endpoint to run SQL directly against a cube. Using PySense, it is straightforward to iterate through all your elast

What is the difference between .ecdata and .ecube data files?

Both .ecdata and .ecube files are used to make backups of data and transfer data between ElastiCube Servers. Your data model or schema is saved in an ecube file. ecube files contain the schema and the data conn

Export a table from the elasticube to a CSV

* Disclaimer: This works for Windows only. It will work in future with Linux versions as well. Once it does, I will update the post.Sometimes, we need to export a table from the Elasticube to a CSV file.We can

Floating Precision Limitations

Sisense supports floating-point numbers (IEEE 754 standard) and allows you to perform an arithmetic calculation on these numbers. Floating-point numbers suffer from a loss of precision when represented with a f

How to connect to mongodb with a password protected user

IntroductionIf attempting to connect to MongoDB with a user protected password, but you aren't able to connect to the database through the Simba DSN or the connection string and getting the following error:Unab

Schedule sequential ElastiCube builds using windows task scheduler

In many cases we would like to schedule our ElastiCubes builds to run one by one, using just one command, or to run in a specific hour so our users won't create or watch dashboards while the cube is building an

Managing Customers with Varying Fiscal Year Start Dates

 Analytical Need  If a dataset contains customer data for various customers and we want to compare quarterly data across or within customers, we can use the time functions within Sisense. If a fiscal calendar i

Alert on a M2M Risk

IntroductionThis article describes how to enable an alert* when there is a risk of Many-To-Many relationship (M2M) between two or more tables.* This implementation involve the use of Pulse and it's supported in

Duplicate Drill Hierarchies for Another ElastiCube

IntroductionThis article will demonstrate one way to create duplicates of your hierarchies that use a different ElastiCubes. This could be useful if you have several ElastiCubes with the same schema, and you do

Creating a list of Elasticubes and Replace Padding Letters In EC Names With Clear Characters

The names of the ECs are often accompanied by mysterious letters that make them hard to read.If you have a need to create a list of ECs with their clear names and the dates when they were last queried, you may

Schedule Download Of SQL API Queries To CSV

IntroductionWith the Python script below and the Window Scheduler, you can automate the download of csv files based on queries of the SQL API to the elasticube. This type of process comes in handy when a user n

Some Causes Of Build Failures

One common reason your dashboards may not be working as intended is that your ElastiCube builds are not designed properly. This isn’t a catch-all problem, and though there are multiple reasons why it can occur,