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Change Filters When Using SisenseJS

IntroductionSisense allows importing widgets and filters as components to be presented in different websites. This is done by SisenseJS. Sometimes, it is required to modify the widgets filters based on website

Sisense Storytelling: Embedding Sisense Interactive Dashboards in PowerPoint 2013 / 2016

Introduction:This post describes how live interactive dashboards can be embedded into Microsoft PowerPoint presentations.A common use for this ability is to leverage the Sisense dashboards for storytelling, all

Embedding Sisense Dashboards In Salesforce

Embedding Sisense content into the applications where end users spend most of their time is one of the best ways to leverage your analytics investment. In this post, we'll go over embedding a Sisense dashboard

SisenseJS Plug N Play - Embed In Minutes!

Sisense JS Plug N Play - Embed In Minutes!A simple and easy jump start solution for embedding Sisense using Sisense.js on your website!SisenseJSPlugNPlayV1DEPENDENCIES: JQuery SisenseJsPlugNPlay.js Sisense

IFrame Embedding And Safari

For organizations embedding Sisense into their application using an iFrame we have identified a situation where the iFrame may not render when browsing to the application using Safari. This can be fixed with on

Simple SisenseJS Example - Assemble A Dashboard From A List Of Widgets

Download:  HTMLFile  , JSFileIntroduction:Use this sample application as a quick and simple tutorial on sisense JS. It addresses a common use case for allowing a user to assemble a dashboard from a list of avai

SisenseJs Custom Filter Samples

Gitlab Link: https://gitlab.com/SisenseJS/filter-samplesThis project was created to show several ways to integrate 3rd party components with Sisense.js.  Many web apps that leverage Sisense.js for embedding do

SisenseJS With ReactJS

Gitlab Link: https://gitlab.com/SisenseJS/react-sampleThis project was generated with create-react-app version 1.5.2.  The goal is to show a basic integration of Sisense.js using ReactJS. When you load the appl

Sisense.Js With Angular 6

Gitlab Link: https://gitlab.com/SisenseJS/angular6-sampleThis project was generated with Angular CLI version 6.0.8. The goal is to show a basic integration of Sisense.js using Angular 6. The application consist

Two-Way Filter Updating Between Embedded Iframe And Parent Application

The following code example can be modified to facilitate the two-way passing of filter information between an embedded iframe and its parent application.Window.postMessage() is used to pass information between

Dynamic Resize For Embedded IFrames

If you've ever attempted to dynamically resize your embedded iFrames in your parent application, you may have experienced a CORS conflict. Basically, since your parent application and sisense application serve