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Plugins and scripts

Introduction To Community Plugins

Plugins are components that add specific features and extend the functionality of a core product. Sisense Web Application includes a plugin framework that allows you to easily add new customizations or modify e

Plugin Dev Tutorial

Intro To PluginsPLUGINS - WHAT AND WHY?While the native visualizations, or widgets, that are provided natively in Sisense cover a wide range of use cases and functionality, some may want to have a very specify

A Basic Plugin Example

If you're having trouble creating a new plugin on your own, then don't worry, It's actually quite simple!In order to create a basic plugin, which extends the functionality of a dashboard/widget, use the followi

Hello World Widget Plugin

Download: HelloWorldWidgetIntroductionThis plugin is a sample for how to get started creating new widget types in Sisense.  It contains only the basic widget elements: data panels, query building, data processi

Querying the Sisense Elasticube with Python

This article will cover two methods you can use to connect Python to the Elasticube.Method 1: Using ODBC Method 2: Using the REST APIMethod 1: Connect to the EC with ODBCDownload Sisense ODBCThis method will re

D3 Force Directed Network Diagram

This article explains how to create a force directed network diagram using Sisense.  This is helpful for showing hierarchies or relationship within your data.  StepsThe following steps will walk through the pro

Show only Markers of a Series (Hide Line)

Sometimes, in a column or bar widget, it is useful to have a measure that gives us additional information but cannot be plotted as a Bar or Column or a Line since the measure is either on a different scale or b

Second Value to Cartesian Charts

Introduction Today, when you create one of the following charts: Column Chart, Line Chart, Area Chart or Bar Chart, you can add X-Axis, values and Break By. When you set a Break By, there can be only one value

Embedding a Google Doc or Sheet in Your Dashboard

The iFrame Widget Plugin is a powerful tool that enables you to embed any web page that you wish into your dashboard, using its URL.A great use of the iFrame widget can also be used to Embed Google Docs or Shee

How to Create/Read/Update/Delete users - python

Here is a python script to that describes how to manage users with sisense api:What you need: rest api key token (not relevant for v6.5+, need to use /api/v1/authentication/login) admin credentials python ins

File Management Automation for File Managment

On article Uploading Files Locally Using Rest (Linux) we saw examples of how to automate the upload of files to File Management. This article describe methods to automate the management of files on File Manager

Resend Invitations to Inactive Users in Bulk

Steps:1) Download Python and install it on your PC or the Sisense machine (make sure to add python to the PATH to easily initiate installation of directories).2) Run CMD and type the following commands to add l

Sample Code for Sharing Dashboards Using the REST API in .NET

Introduction A sample code to demonstrate adding shares using the Sisense API in .NET.The programs flow is a follows: Retrieve the authentication token using: Retrieve userID using: Retrieve the current s

Python 3 Script to Import Many ElastiCubes

IntroductionThe attached script is intended to loop through all ElastiCube folders in your ElastiCubeData folder and import them.Business CaseThis solution has a couple of possible use cases.  The first is to f

Sticky Header / Top Widget

Use Case Example: When you want to use the first widget as a Filter Pane and when scrolling it will always show.  Implementation:  Copy & Paste the the script below into the dashboard script.  (See Adding Cust

Detect ElastiCube Build Status

Using the code from this article, a user can detect whether or not an ElastiCube is currently building, and refresh if the ElastiCube is not building. More importantly, the code in this article can be used as a

Python Script to Export Dashboards to CSV File

The following Python script allows exporting dashboard data to CSV files.The script will export each widget to a separate CSV file.✨This new version of the script uses Sisense's REST API an eliminates the direc

How to Share a Dashboards and Folder with Users and Groups using Python (2.7)

»»» Sisense Verison 7.1 and below: UPDATED 6/10/2016 ««« »»» Sisense Verison 7.2 and above: UPDATED 2/22/2019 ««« IntroductionThis Python script will demonstrate using the REST API for sharing dashboards and fo

Include All Dimension Values (Left Outer Join)

DownloadIntroductionA common requirement when performing grouping and aggregate operations, is to include all dimension values in the group irrespective of the contextual filters applied on the transaction tabl

Widget Auto Labelling Plugin

IntroductionThe following article describes the steps needed to implement the “auto-labelling” plugin.Business CaseIn some cases such as when embedding dashboards and widgets, or integrating them in a presentat

Inserting New Users From CSV File

In some cases you would like to add many users manually and in bulk, and won't want to go through the process of entering one at a time.With the following python app you will be able to insert users from a CSV

Automatic Carousel Filtering

Blox Carousels are great, but sometimes you want the carousel to automatically filter when the "previous" or "next button" is clicked.The easiest way to do this is to add a standard blox filter button on each b

Pivot2: "Transpose A Pivot Table Plugin" Re-Implemented

IntroductionThis plugin allows users to set the measures as rows and slice them by different dimensions such as different date resolutions.Implementation StepsIn order to implement The Transpose Pivot Plugin, p

Waterfall Chart - JavaScript

Here is an example of a widget script you can use to create a Waterfall Chart using the standard Column Chart widget.First, create a column chart with multiple measures/values.In the example below I have a star

Removing Underutilized Dashboards

Hi everyone,We've put together a cool script that will help you figure out what dashboards are being used by your users.  Imagine this, you have created 100 dashboards. You as a designer have shared them with

How to Edit Layout Pivot Table Break By Columns

If you want to change the style of both columns under Break By category, you can try to use the script below and adjust it to your needs:widget.on("ready", function(w, args) { var style = { 'font-size' : '12px

Area Line Chart Gradient

This widget script will add a gradient to the widget's area spline charts.Configure opacity and RGBA colors as per comments.widget.on('processresult', function(a,b){ // Set colors for the gradient in the "

Capture User Filters Then Write Back To MongoDB

Use case: Capturing what the end-user has selected to filter. Then writing back the filtered selection to the app mongodb for further analysis of customer dashboard interaction.Instructions: Add the code below

How To Add Images To Pivot Widgets Using The New Pivot 2.0 API

The new Pivot 2 (in Linux deployments) has a powerful API to select and edit cells using a widget script. You can use CSS & HTML to enrich your pivot widgets. In this example we'll use a star based product rati

Remove The Recent 'Drill-Into' Levels On A Widget Context Menu

The 'drill-into' function on the widgets will add the recently used fields (from the datasource fields and not the hierarchical members) on the context menu of the widget which may distract the users who are us

Set Axis Max To Image Size

Use case: I have an image that I want to show markers on. To do this I'm using a scatter graph widget, where I use plotBackgroundImage to set an image to the background.In my dataset I have a set of items with

Keep Only 'Grand Totals' And Hide All Other Rows In A Pivot Table

Challenge: Rarely we would have to hide all the rows of pivot table and only show the Grand Total Rows. This will help us preserve the context provided by the dimension used in the rows of the pivot table but h

Make "Clear Selection" Button Appear in a Custom Widget

For this button to be shown, the widget must be configured to work as a "selector" widget, so make sure your custom widget plugin has the following items in its manifest:- in the manifest's "data" object, a pro

How To Calculate The Maximum / Minimum Date Per Category On Pivot2

IntroductionThis article will explain how use MAX() / MIN() functions on date fields using Pivot2.Business CaseSometimes we need to present the last / first date that a certain action occurred in or planned to.

Fixed Column Size For Pivot2

In some cases for design or reporting you would like to control the size of your pivot2 columns.The example bellow is for a table with 4 columns 0-3:// Add new width for desired columns // Columns count should

Pivot Table Value Difference

Question: How to find value difference in Pivot table VALUE field "Total" which divides values by Month Columns.Solution: You can solve this by the following script:var columns = 3; var avg = 0; var val = ''; v

How To Abort Widget Query In `Beforequery` Event

Preventing a query from executing in the `beforequery` event is as simple as assigning an empty object `{}` to the `query` event argument.This will result in the query not being sent, and the widget rendering i

Add Plus Sign To Column Chart Values (Tooltip)

You can accomplish it via JavaScript - you could make the value appear in that format within the data point tooltip of the column chart widget i.e. the box that appears when you hover over the columns.widget.on

Gradient Conditional Formatting In Pivot Tables

Conditional formatting of background colors in pivot tables is one of the best ways to draw attention to numbers, but still provide a clean visual.  The use of data bars creates a lot of visual noise, whereas b

Dynamic Custom Script For Dashboard Filter

Use case: Essentially we have a 'DimDate' filter set to 'This Quarter' within our dashboard which works great, but whenever we enter into the last month of a given sales quarter, we need the 'DimDate' filter to

How to Add a Tooltip on Hover for Pivot Columns

If you want to display a simple text on hover for pivot columns, you can use the native "title" HTML attribute that is available in all browsers, which would simplify your code to:widget.on('domready', function

Conditional Formatting Of Grand Totals

Please put this code into the widget script of the pivot:widget.on("domready", function(w, args) { // column 2 formatting, using the underlying value of a <td>, instead of the surface text of the <div>

Remove Columns That Contain All Nulls From Pivot Table

ApplicationUse this script in a pivot table where a column may have all NULL values to clean up the UI.The irrelevant columns are dropped after being loadedwidget.on('ready', function(){ var tlen = parseInt(

Render HTML In Pivot Table

widget.on('ready', function(){ var tags = $('tbody span:contains("<")'); for(var i = 0; i<tags.length; i++){ $(tags[i]).replaceWith(String(tags[i].textContent)) } });BEFOREAFTERChallenge

Removing Information From The Tooltip Of A Bar Chart

Here is the script to remove 100% of tooltip values:widget.on("beforedatapointtooltip", function(w, args){ args.template = args.template.replace("/ {{item.percentage}}", ""); });

Changing Indicator Styles Using The Indicator API

Indicator styles are modified by an API and the reference for making such changes can be found here, within the Javascript API documentation on our developer site:https://developers.sisense.com/display/API2/Jav

Exact Legend Positioning

This widget script enables full control over the positioning of the legend within the widget. Possible configuration values:horizontalAlign: 'left', 'center', 'right' verticalAlign: 'top', 'middle', 'bottom'

Set Max Value For Y Axis In A Chart

There might be cases where one needs to increase the height of the Y-Axis in a chart to ensure that the value labels are not removed while the chart is being responsive.  The following script allows you to incr

Showing Percentages On Treemap

One of the requests that have come up is the ability to show percentages on a tree map without needing to hover over the widget with a tooltip.The following code overwrites the 'name' displayed with 'name'  + p

Change The Color Of The Last Refresh Datetime For An ElastiCube

Introduction:On the top panel of a dashboard you can see the date and time an ElastiCube was last updated. You can change the color of this text to green or red based on parameters using the script below. For i

Set The Background Color Of An Indicator

IntroductionUse this script to set the background color of the indicator widget.InstructionsCreate an indicator widget and add the following script// set the background color here var bgColor = '#F8F8F8' widge

Adding A Range Area To A Metric In A Line Chart

IntroductionUse this script to add a range area or a range bar to a line chart. e.g. When plotting the metric you can superimpose it over a range area.Instructions#1Create a line chart, add the 2  fields which

Formatting Pivot Header Rows And Columns Via CSS

IntroductionUse this script to format the header rows and columns of a Pivot table.InstructionsCreate a Pivot table > Save It > Go back to the Edit Window > Edit Script.widget.on("ready", function(w, args) {

Connecting Points In Scatter Chart By Dim And In Order [Aka Snake Chart]

This script connects points of the same dimension with a line. If the Point is set to a time such as months or years then the points will be connected in chronological order.The benefits are that you can see a

Disable Mouse Scroll Zoom On Scatter Map

Purpose/Benefits:When mouse scrolling on a Sisense dashboard that has many widgets - a Scatter Map can inadvertently be affected. This script will help keep the map in place.Widget Code:widget.on("beforeviewloa

Indicators - Conditionally Format Secondary Value With Up / Down Arrows

IntroductionUse this script to conditionally set Up/Down arrow markers in your indicator widget.Instructions:Create your indicator widget and add it to the dashboard. Select the edit button and choose the Edit

Adding Custom Menu Items To Dashboards

IntroductionUse the attached sample template to create user define menu items to dashboard. This is very useful if there is a need as an example to provide a link to an online to documentation, or directing the

Link From Pivot Table To IFrame Widget

Introduction:This article will explain how to link a local resource to an iFrame.Purpose/Benefits:iFrames can be a great way to get information from another resource directly within Sisense. In the example belo

Indicators - Formatting Colors & Fonts

IntroductionUse this script for granular formatting of an Indicator Widget.  Instructions:Create your indicator widget and add it to the dashboard. Select the edit button and choose the Edit Script from the opt

Index Against First Value

This code will index against the first value of a series of a line chart. For example, the first value will always be 100%, then the subsequent values are displayed as a percentage of the initial value. An exam

Adding A Horizontal Marker To A Column Chart For A Secondary Measure

Horizontal Marker With Drop-LineHorizontal Marker Without Drop-LineFirst change the chart to a line chart and enable markers. Turn it back to a column chart and proceed to add the code.Note:The second measure b

Dynamic Pivot Table Heat Map

IntroductionThis article describes how to dynamically color cells based on values included in the entire view.The visualization method assists in seeing trends across the entire pivot table. Retention, Cohort,

Change Marker Opacity In A Scatter Chart

The widget script below can be used to change the opacity of scatter chart markers, either for specific series (colors) or for the entire chart (Last Tested on you want to adjust. Leaving

Series With Only Data Points In Line Chart

To change a series within a line chart to display only the markers (data points), you can use the following code within a line chart's widget script. Just manipulate the series variable to correspond with your

Bar Chart - Reduce Length Of The Display Name

The script below can be used to reduce the length of the labels in the bar chart to a specified length and add an ellipsis (if it reduced the length).The script will reduce the length of the displayed names if

Auto Refresh Dashboard Based On Elasticube Build Or Refresh Every Dashboard Widget

Auto-Refresh Dashboard based on Elasticube Build:This dashboard script queries the elasticube on the server, and checks to see if a new build has completed. As soon as a build is finished, the dashboard will au

Add A Plus Sign To Indicator Value

The simple script below will allow you to add a plus sign to the primary Indicator Value:widget.on('processresult', function(w, args) { var data = args.result.value.data; if(data > 0) { args.result.value.text =

Filling In An Average Line (Line Chart)

In some cases, we might want to compare a metric against the average but if the average does not have a result for the entire x-axis (numerator does not have a value for each point in the x-axis but the denomin

Mapping Arrow Keys To Control Dashboard Panels

This script allows you to map the left arrow key to control the left dashboard panel, and also maps the right arrow key to control the right dashboard panel. Also using this approach, you can map any keyboard k

Disable Markers For A Line

The following script allows you to hide markers for a series (Last Tested: v7.0.1.11006)// Set markers enabled to false for a series function setMarker(array, enabledFlag) { for ( var i = 0; i < array.length; i

Stacked Bar Chart As Filter Indicators

In this post, we will show how to override the default behavior of the stacked bar chart widget.  This will display a block (sized based on the value) for each break by category, and allows filter selection on

Customize Onclick Of Column Chart

In this post, we will show how to override the default click behavior of the column chart widget.  This same widget script should work for bar, line, and area charts as well.Create a Sisense widget that contain

Remove Horizontal Gray Lines After Column Headers In Pivot Tables

Many customers have expressed interest in removing the horizontal gray lines that run to the end of the pivot table widget under the column headers:This script will remove those lines for a pivot table:widget.o

Extracting / Retrieving Results from Widgets to JSON Format (using JAQL Queries)

Introduction This post detail how to retrieve data from Sisense Elasticubes to results in JSON format, using the Sisense provided APIs.The solution consists of 4 stages: Creation of one or more ElastiCubes

Adding Percentage Of Total For Column And Bar Charts

The column and bar charts allow you to add value labels to the bars. In the widget's design panel, you can turn on "Value Labels" to display the values on the chart itself. The picture below shows a typical exa

Change Grand Total Row To Display Difference In Pivot Widgets

In cases where we want to display the difference between two columns instead of using the default Grand Totals in Pivot widgets:Include the following widget script:function removeCommas(num){ numClean = num.re

Define Widget Navigator Scroll Position

In some cases, it may be desirable to define the default location of a widget's navigation scroll bar. Users will still have the ability to expand and move the navigation scroller, but anytime the dashboard is

Bar Chart - Value Label From Secondary Series (Hidden)

In this post we will explain how to create a bar chart that shows a single bar, but displays value labels from a secondary hidden value series.Let's look at the below example, we have an bar chart that shows th

Retrieve All Widget IDs, Titles And Types In A Dashboard

1) Open the Developers Console (press F12 in Chrome.)2) Navigate to Console tab:3) In the console prompt line, enter the following script and press Enter:4) prism.activeDashboard.widgets.toArray()5) This result

Displaying Data Labels Inside Markers In Line Charts

INTRODUCTIONUse this script to customize the data labels and markers in line charts. You can use this to simply improve the aesthetics of the line chart or even tweak it to conditionally color the markers.Edit

Sharing A Dashboard By Using The REST API

Sharing a dashboard by using the REST API is very useful in case you need to automate the sharing process.However, in order to do so more than one API call is required, and not using them all in the right order

Create A Plugin To Run Scripts For All Dashboards

Here are the steps:1) Create a new plugin.2) Open widget.js for editing.3) In this file, we'll use the dashboardLoaded event to register the logic when the dashboard finished loading. For example, if we'd like

Change Font Colour And Size Of Values In Bar Chart

In order to change the colour and size of value in bar charts you can use the following script:widget.on('processresult',function(w,e){ e.result.plotOptions.series.dataLabels.style.color = "green"; e.result

Grand Total (Sum) Row In Table With Aggregation

Apply the following script on a table with aggregation's widget script to create a row with Grand Totals.This will be considered as just another value and may not always appear on the first page of results if r

Pivot2: "Add Sparklines In Pivots" Re-Implemented

IntroductionThis plugin was created to allow dashboard designers to create sparklines within a pivot table. This plugin currently supports line, area, and column charts as the sparklines.StepsThe following step

Pivot2: "Conditionally Color Pivot Foreground" Re-Implemented

IntroductionConditional foreground coloring allows you to apply the out of the box conditional coloring in Sisense on the foreground (text) rather than the background of the cell. Also, you may change the font

Pivot2: "Add Financial Formatting To Pivots" Re-Implemented

IntroductionThis article explains how to adjust Pivot tables to use standard financial formatting of numbers.  This means showing negative numbers as always RED with parentheses instead of a minus sign, as wel

Parameters Plugin additional solution

Step 1: The Fact TableHere is my fact table, it contains an item and a price as well as a fake key. This will be necessary for the next steps.Step 2: The Parameter TableThe key element is to rethink of a parame

Pivot2: "Clickable URL Links In Pivot Rows" Re-Implemented

IntroductionIn some cases you might have a URL’s in your fields in the cube,  this post will show you how to modify URLs placed in rows of a Pivot table into clickable links.Purpose & BenefitsThis will allow yo

Pivot2: "Add Checkboxes To Pivot Table" Re-Implemented

IntroductionAdding filter checkboxes in pivot tables will give your users a better interaction with the dashboard and allow them to perform multiple selections quickly and easily.Purpose/BenefitsWhen showing a

Pivot2: "Add Image Indicator To A Pivot Table" Re-Implemented

IntroductionAdding a visual representation to your measures will allow you to read the bigger picture in a glance, recognize trends and have better user engagement to your dashboards.Comparing data columns or

Progress Meter - With Animation

Progress MeterThis is a plugin for Sisense that will enable a new chart type called Progress Meter. This chart type is intended to measure how much progress has been made toward a goal.InstallationInstall is q

Sisense Plugin For Adobe XD

Sisense plugin for Adobe XDThe plugin helps Sisense customers to build beautiful vector widgets in a zero code environment, using the power of Adobe Creative Cloud.Video instructions to setup the plugin here.1

Sisense For Adobe Photoshop

Sisense plugin for Adobe Photoshop The plugin helps customers to build beautiful widgets using the powerful graphic tools from Adobe in a zero code environment. This guide will explain step by step how to inst

Venn Diagram

Venn DiagramDynamic Venn diagram on your dashboard!Download Now! Venn V1SIMPLE INSTRUCTIONS:Venn data structure sample:Dim table:  Values table: Fruit,Bread,Dairy,Kitchen Put the Venn folder into sisense’s pl

Geo Map - Mapbox GL

Geo Map - Mapbox GLGeo map widget that uses Mapbox GL v1.11.1! (requires Mapbox API TOKEN)The GeoMap comes with a simple GEOJson map of the worlds countries, in future releases support for custom GEOJson files

Dynamic Params Changer - Simple On Dash "What If"

Dynamic Params Changer - Simple On Dash "What If"Dynamic Params - 2.0.0Dynamic params widget allows you to select and change values on the dashboard and on the fly, applied to formulas on the dash!This will aff

Simple Radar Chart Design

SIMPLE AND CLEAN DESIGN FOR A RADAR CHARTRadarChart-V1.zipInstall: Download the attachment. Extract the .zip folder into the plugins folder. If the folder does not exist, create it prior to extracting the .

Pivot2 Table Row Custom Sort

In a custom column, add a prefix number followed by a period and a space to the dimensions you want to sort in pivot.For example, if we have a column called Category with the following categories: First Categ

Pivot Table 1: Center The Pivot Inside The Dashboard Widget

This Script Is Created To Center The Pivot Table Inside The Dashboard Widget.Instead of Pivot Table being anchored to the top left,  you can use this script to make the pivot centered both vertically and horizo

Add Financial Formatting To Pivots/Indicators

Download: negativesFormatter.zipIntroduction This article explains how to adjust Pivot tables and indicators to use standard financial formatting of numbers.  This means showing negative numbers as always RED w

Pivot\Indicators Formatter For Linux\Windows

PIVOT TABLES + INDICATORS FORMATTER - LINUX\WINDOWSThis widget is V2 of this plugin, now working for Linux deployments!NegativesFormatterV2* indicators are created as a canvas in newer versions of Sisense, sec

Area Chart With Line Chart Overlay And Change Color Opacity

BackgroundFor better visualization, sometimes you want to overlay your area chart with a line chart, so that you can change the outline color of each area. You can also change the opacity of the areas. See belo

Creating One Total In A Stacked Column

When choosing  “Stacked Bar Chart” and select “totals” and we have positive and negative values, we get two totals.  Totals for the positive numbers at the top Totals for the negative values at the bottom.If

Center Y Axes 0 Of A Cartesian Chart

Apply this widget script:widget.on('beforeviewloaded', (se, ev) => { let min = Math.abs(ev.options.yAxis[0].min); let max = Math.abs(ev.options.yAxis[0].max); max > min ? ev.options.yAxis[0].min = max *

Sort Both Axes In Scatter Chart

In order to sort both axes in the Scatter chart you might need to use the following script under the "Widget Script" levelvar xOrder = 'asc' //also, this value can be desc var yOrder = 'asc' widget.on('beforev

SVG Mapper

SVG MapperA solution for connecting your SVGs and Data!Download Now!SVGMapper-V1Sample Datawhat can it be used for? here are some examples: SIMPLE INSTRUCTIONS: SVG structure sample: Put the SVGMapper folder

Custom Chart Options (Plugin To Easily Apply Highcharts Configuration Using Json)

Download: Custom Chart OptionsVersion: 1.0.0Created Oct-23-2019 by Steve Lewis (thanks to code re-used from Elliott Herz's Custom Bar/Column chart plugin) Current Version: V1.0.0 Tested on Sisense Version: V8.0

Conditionally Hide Widgets

The example below uses a "peer group" use case, where a company which facilitates customer peer benchmarking, does not want users to compare themselves to fewer than 10 companies.The first widget, either an ind

Dynamic Formula Changer (Based On User Group)

Download: GitHub LinkVersion: 1.0.0IntroductionThis article explains how to install the plug-in and how to interact with the configuration file.Purpose/BenefitsThis plug-in will change the current formula appli

Showing Legend Title For All Chart Types

You can show titles for legends in charts so that your users understand clearly which dimension is displayed in the chart.For example:Solution: To do this, apply the following code snippet on the widget level

Modifying X Axis Labels

OverviewSisense's default behavior is to use values directly from the Elasticube to set the X-Axis. But what if you want to do more? Modifying the x-axis labels is very easy and very flexible. Let's look at the

Custom No Result Plugin

Steps to Install: Download from my GitHub Download a ZIP of the project, Unzip the folder customNoResult-master, add it to your plugin folder, and rename the folder customNoResultDescription:This plugin will

Hide Marketing Part Of The Home Page (Analytics Tab) Plugin

Update: This plugin is no longer necessary starting on Windows 8.2.3+ and Linux 8.2.4+Steps to Install: Download from my GitHub Download a ZIP of the project, Unzip the folder hidePartsHomePage-master, add i

Tabs For Pivot Tables

The main intention is to organize the pivot table in case it has too many columns. The script will add a tabber that hides and show a specific set of columns. The code is completely fitted to our needs. If you

Card View Customization

Before:After:Dashboard script for creating card view:dashboard.on('widgetready',function(d) { $('.dashboard-layout-column').css('background-color', '#f0f0f0'); $('.dashboard-layout').css('background-color

Horizontal Scroll Or Link Scroll On All Widgets In Dashboard

Here is a dashboard script that works for those pivot tables that have exactly the same structure. When you scroll one of them, all of them will reflect those scrolling changes.dashboard.on('widgetready', (el,

Custom Bar/Column Chart Plugin (Show Totals, Sort Categories, Sort Breakbys)

Steps to install (Current Version is V2.9.0): Download from my GitHub Download a ZIP of the project, Unzip the folder customBarColumnChart-master, add it to your plugin folder, and rename the folder customBa

Bar Chart: Push X Labels Onto The Bars & Add Shadows To Texts

IntroductionWhen you use bar charts, sometimes the X labels could be quite long and therefore take up a lot of space of the widget that could have been better used for the actual bars. To better display the lab

Formatting Text Widget In Sisense

Use the following script on the widget script of the Text Widget to change the font family and color: You can use the options provided with the widget to change the size of the font. widget.on("ready", function

Statistical Probability Density Function

DownloadIn probability theory, a probability density function (PDF), or density of a continuous random variable, is a function, whose value at any given sample (or point) in the sample space (the set of possibl

How To Order A Stacked Column Chart Using A BreakBy

Introduction  When adding a break by field to an ordered column chart, the order does not exist anymore. We have created this post in order to workaround this problem.Steps In order to use the script, you need

Dimension Changer For Ad-Hoc Analysis

DownloadIntroductionThis plug-in enables viewers to ask ad-hoc questions of the data with ease. Viewers can easily change and add dimensions or measures to any existing widget so they can explore the data from

Snake Chart - Scatter Plot With Linked Points.

DownloadIntroductionA snake chart (if you find a better name let me know) is a scatter plot with all the points linked. Its most relevant when the points represent dates, in order to represent a time series of

Rotating Text In The Text Widget

Dashboarding Need Often, we would need to beautify our dashboard in a logical sense and will have the need to rotate the text. Especially when we group our metrics horizontally, every row area will represent on

Statistical Cumulative Distribution Function

DownloadIntroductionIn probability theory and statistics, the cumulative distribution function (CDF) of a real-valued random variable X, or just distribution function of X, evaluated at x, is the probability th

Limited Data Return Widget

Download: Limited Data Return WidgetVersion: 1.1IntroductionAs an Admin or a Data designer you might ran into cases where you would like to limit the data if there is a small enough sample size to where it coul

Advanced Quadrant Chart

ObjectiveDesign a quadrant chart based on X and Y axis averages with conditional formatting.Steps Create standard scatter chart Create a value in break by and assign the integer 1 to it Create Aliases for m

Dynamic Dimension/Value Chart

Download: Dynamic Dim/Value ChartVersion: 1.1IntroductionThis article explains how to install and configure the Dynamic Dim/Value Chart plugin as seen below.  The Dynamic Dim/Value chart allow Dashboard designe

Reverse Y-Axis Of A Chart

Paste the following code into the widget script to reverse the Y-Axis.Instead of the lower number at the bottom of the chart, it will be at the top.widget.on('processresult', function(se,ev){ ev.result.yAxis

OR Between Filters

Download: OR FiltersThis plugin enables dashboard designers to apply an OR operator over a group of dashboard filters, rather than the default AND behavior. All filters not selected in the or filters array will

Changing Dynamicly The Filter Header Colour

You can use this as a dashboard script:var colorFilterName = 'L4L Starting Period'; var backgroundColor = 'yellow'; dashboard.on('refreshstart', (d, args) => { $('.ew-i-caption:contains(' + colorFilterName +

Variable Radius Pie Chart

Download: Variable Pie ChartVersion: 1.1IntroductionThis article explains how to install and configure the Variable Pei Chart plugin as seen below.  A variable pie chart is a circular chart divided into Sectors

Color the cell based on the value

Here is the script on how to color the Pivot cell based on the value of this cell.For example color the cells that contains the value "True"://Text column formatting widget.on('ready', function(se, ev){ var ev

Streamgraph Plugin

DOWNLOAD LINKPLUGIN OVERVIEWThe purpose of the plugin is to provide a colorful visualization to represent data sets that have several points and can be grouped into categories. I have created this simple strea

Candlestick Chart Plugin

Version: 1.0Download: Candlestick Chart PluginIntroduction:This article will explain how to add a Candlestick chart to your Sisense instance.Purpose/Benefits:The Candlestick chart is a style of financial chart

Activity Gauge

Download: Activity GaugeVersion: 1.0IntroductionThis article explains how to install and configure the Activity Gauge plugin as seen below.  An Activity Gauge chart demonstrates multiple stacked values and prov

Vector Plot Plugin

DOWNLOAD LINKTraditional Vector Plot: Download Name Displayed on Vector: DownloadvectorLength (Actual Length) version: DownloadrotationOrigin (Start Point) version: DownloadPLUGIN OVERVIEWThe purpose o

Control Over A Dashboard Filter From A Clickable Link In A PIVOT Table

DescriptionCreating a clickable link control over a filter from another widget is a very common requirement. The end user clicks on a specific record inside of a PIVOT table. Then, a separate widget is being fi

KPI Toggle - Display Widgets By Selecting KPIs

Version 1.2ChallengeCreating a single dashboard for an audience with diverse requirements is challenging to do because as widgets are added focus is lost. Information overload is evident as more widgets are add

Quadrant Analysis Plugin

 Download: Quadrants Chart IntroductionThis article will explain how to change a Scatter Chart to a Four Quadrants Chart. It is an extension to the existing Scatter Chart and can only be applied to that widget.

Widget Borders

In order to add borders between the widgets at the dashboard you will need to use the following script:/ Dashboard script var widgetPadding = '0px 3px 0px 0px'; var widgetBorderRStyle = 'solid'; var widgetBorde

Sparklines In Pivots

Download: pivotsparklines.zipIntroduction This plugin was created to allow dashboard designers to create sparklines within a pivot table. This plugin currently supports line, area, and column charts as the spar

Financial Functions

Download: Financejs.zipIntroduction This plugin was created to enable additional financial calculations within a pivot table.  The initial version of this plugin supports IRR, XIRR, & NPV functions that match w

3D Scatter Plot

Download: 3D Scatter PlotVersion: 1.0IntroductionThis article explains how to install and configure the 3D Scatter Plot plugin as seen below. 3D scatter plots are used to plot data points on three axes in the a

Backup Your ElastiCube Schema After Each Build

When would I use this plugin?In some cases, we'd like to be able to save the schema of our ElastiCubes for backup after each build. That way, if something happens to the ElastiCube (such as a mistake we made in

Route Map Widget

Download: RouteMapIntroduction This project is for a Sisense plugin, which generates a new widget type for point to point routing using MapboxGL.  This map takes a series of origins and destinations (as lat/lon

Pre And Post Build Plugin - Copy Files From A Remote Location Or Local Folder To Sisense Server And Delete After Build

When would I use this plugin?If there's a need to copy files from a remote server to the Sisense server before a build begins and delete them after the build is completed to save disk space. Useful for CSV and

Remove Formulas Backgrounds

Download: Remove Formulas BackgroundThe plugin removes the blue background color from aggregations and calculations in the Advanced Formulas menu.STEPSSTEP 1 - ADD THE PLUGINDownload the attachment and unzip th

Replace Dashboard Icons Plugin

Download hereReplace Icons PluginSupported Sisense Version: 7.0.2+Plugin Version: 1.0Last updated: April 19 2018DescriptionThis plugin allows users to replace certain icons in the dashboard and widget edit vie

Wiser Filter Widget

WiserFilterWidget on GitHubDownload: WiserFilterWidget (click the latest .zip) PURPOSE/BENEFITSWhile filtering is available to dashboard designers in the right-side filter pane, this pane may be hidden or other

Wiser Clear All Filters Plugin

WiserClearAllFiltersPlugin on GitHubDownload: WiserClearAllFiltersPlugin (click the latest .zip) PURPOSE/BENEFITSAfter publishing a dashboard with preset filters to a user, the user may further interact with a

Calculation From Previous Value

Download: previousValue.zipIntroduction This plugin adds the ability for adding in calculations that reference previous values in the chart.  For example, if you have a chart that shows non-continuous data (ie

Dynamic Currency Conversion in Sisense

Currency Conversion.ziphttps://data.sisense.com/sisense-shares/Currency Conversion.zipIntroduction For Sisense users with international data, a common issue is how to show revenue/costs across different currenc

Mapbox GL Widget

Download: MapboxGLWidgetIntroduction This project is for a Sisense plugin, which generates a new widget type for MapboxGL maps. This map takes data points, in Latitude and Longitude format, and automatically gr

Color Heatmap

Download: Color HeatmapVersion: 1.4IntroductionThis article explains how to install and configure the Color Heatmap widget as seen below. A heat map (or heatmap) is a graphical representation of data where the

Format Entire Record In Pivot Table Based On Dimension Name

OverviewIn this example the script goes through the pivot line by line and when it finds "Female" it colors the entire line light pink, its associated key pair value. It does the same for the word "Male" and co

Sharing All System's Dashboards With A Specific User

Sometimes, for example when adding a new admin user, you might want to share all of the dashboards in the system with that user. In order to do that, you can use the following Python script: import requests imp

Overlay Data On An Image

Sometimes we have data that is not easily represented by an existing chart, such as presenting steps in a cycle or a sequence of events. One JavaScript +HTML technique that we can use for this is to overlay an

Draw Total Line For A Stacked Column Or Bar Chart

Introduction This script displays a total line over your stacked column / bar chart. It also works with the classic (side by side) grouping.Instructions Create your chart and add the following script. Edit > Op

The Measure Changer Widget

IntroductionDimension Changer Widget Plugin allows the user to display several values on one widget with easy values switching on the same chart visualization.The purpose is to display several related values in

Separating Overlapping Value Labels

Separate and color code different value label series so they don't collide:1. In the widget editor, click on the "Options" icon and select "Edit Script"2. Insert the following script and set the seriesNames and

Trend Lines (Menu Based)

IntroductionUse this extension to plot a regression line within a chart. It works for Line, Bar, Column and Scatter charts.It is menu driven and does not require any script to be written. It will plot a regress

Rotate And Wrap Text In X-Axis Labels

This post explains how to rotate and wrap text in the x-axis labels. Begin by copying the following code into the widget script. widget.on('beforeviewloaded', function(widget, args){ var newmaxCharactersPerLab

Dynamic Scatter Plot

This post describes how to create variable dimensions and measures for a scatter plot and use the selections to track down different correlations.Requirements: Measure Changer PluginTrend Line (Menu Based Plugi

Apply Custom CSS To Value Labels

Use the below script to add CSS attributes to your value labels in Column, Bar, & Line Charts.  The part to modify is the newCss array.  Create an object for each series that you want to format, and specify the

Talking Tooltips - Make Your Dashboard Talk To You

IntroductionMake your tool-tips talk by copy pasting this script within the script window of your widget. It works for Column and Line charts.NOTE: This script leverages google' s speech synthesis API. It is cu

Changing Background Color Of Rows In A Pivot Based On Condition

IntroductionSometimes you might want to change the color the rows of your pivot based on a numeric condition - for example coloring the row in green if the revenue is over or equal to a certain value, and red i

Replace N/A Values With 0 In Indicators

This script replaces N/A values with 0 values. Applies for Indicator widgets.Before:After: Copy the following script and place it under 'Edit Script' in the designated Indicator widget:widget.on('render', funct

Reverse X-Axis Order In A Line Chart

IntroductionBy default, Sisense sorts a line chart in ascending order. The only other way to order the line chart is by the values in the series being plotted. The code in this article will enable you to revers

Reset To Default Filters When Loading Dashboard

Purpose/BenefitSometimes it is convenient to always reset the filters to a default state when opening a dashboard.  This post describes how to achieve this with a little bit of JavaScript.  When users will ofte

Convert Seconds To Formatted Time In Bar/Column/Line Charts

In many databases,  the length in time of an action is stored as an integer. This allows for more analytic operations to be performed against the data, such as averages. However, we may want to present this inf

Dynamic Offset For Date Filters

Introduction:The following script will allow you to get the functionality of "Last x days" for any chosen date in the dashboard filter.Steps:1. create a dashboard filter of type "days" and set it up to be a rad

Sorting Bar Column With Break By Incl. Legened

Introduction This script will sort  the columns of a Columns chart (with break-by) by ascending or descending order.   The Script Place the following script in the widget's script boxwidget.on('processresult',f

Alter Category Name In The Tooltip

IntroductionThis article will demonstrate how to change the category name displayed in the tooltip for a specific series. In my example, we have a simple line chart that displays the current year's sales per mo

Manually Order A Column Chart

IntroductionSisense's built-in ordering allows you to sort columns by a displayed value, or in alphanumeric order. However, some situations require a more specific order. This article shows you how to utilize a

Custom Line Markers

IntroductionThis post and it’s JavaScript will Allow you to customize the data point ‘markers’ on a line chart to whichever image you would like to display. Purpose/Benefits Add some creativity to the standard

Modifying Legend Style

Introduction This article will show how to modify the style of the legend in you widget.Steps  Open you widget in Edit mode. From the Options Menu    choose "Edit Script" to open the script editor.3. Copy an

Using "Jump To Dashboard" Together With "Dynamic Elasticube" Plugin

Introduction This article explains how to set up a jump to dashboard popup window with a dynamic elasticubeSteps Install the Dynamic Elasticube plugin Install the Jump To Dashboard plugin Add the following

How Do You Change Subtotal Lable Name

Question: I would like to change the name of the subtotal titles.Solution: You can use the following Javascript on the widget level.var columns = ['0', '1']; //This is an array you can choose a specific column

Conditionally Colored X-Axis Labels On Bar Chart

IntroductionThe code below allows you to color the x axis labels for each category of a bar chart based on the color of a secondary series.It also then hides the secondary series from being plotted.StepsSTEP 1T

Sorting Bar Column With Break By Incl. Legened

IntroductionThis script will sort  the columns of a Columns chart (with break-by) by ascending or descending order.  The Script Place the following script in the widget's script boxwidget.on('processresult',fun

Add Background Image To Charts

SET THE BACKGROUND OF CHARTS TO AN IMAGEOpen the script editor for a widget, and copy in the following code:widget.on('render', function(sender,event){ // URL to the background Image var imageLink = 'http:/

Changing Color Of Specific Cells In A Pivot Based On Textual Condition

Sometimes you might want to change the color of your pivot columns based on a condition - for example coloring the column in green if the cell's value is equal to a specific word and red if not:STEP 1 - ADD THE

Right Align Numeric Dimensions In Pivot And Table Widgets

Introduction when adding numeric dimension to pivot and table widgets in the rows section and not the value section (in cases where the numeric value is an attribute and not a measure) you can change the alignm

Absolute Values In Column Charts

Introduction Using the following script we can set column chart values to their absolute valuesBefore:After:Script Place the following script in the column charts script:widget.on('processresult', function(w,e)

Dictate Color Of A Scatter Chart Point With Value In The Data

Introduction Many data sets include color descriptions of an item, such as a shirt color. This plugin allows sales of 'red' items to be displayed with a red data point.Implementation 1. Create the scatter chart

Convert Negative Sign To Parentheses In Pivot

Introduction By default SiSense formats negative numbers by using the minus sign, like -1500. Some people prefer to format negative numbers by using a parenthese, like (1500). This article shows how to edit a w

Change Weekly Formating "Week X" To Date Mm/Dd/Yyyy

In some cases a user may want to present his weeks in the format of the first day of the week date.The issue is once you change the format it will show you the date of the 4th day of the business week.1. Week f

How To Create A Dash Line In Line Chart

As a user sometimes I would like to change the format of one line to a dash line.To apply the dash file enter the "Edit Script" within the widget editor and insert the script bellow. Change in the 1st line of t

Custom UI Colours (Instead Of Yellow)

Download: For V7.0 - V7.1, For V7.2 and V7.3, For V7.4Plugin allows changes sisense yellow color to any color you wish.STEPSSTEP 1 - ADD THE PLUGINDownload the attachment and unzip the contents into your C:\Pro

Style Pivot Column Base On Another Column

Introduction The following article will explain how to style a column in a pivot widget based on another column values, using custom JavaScript.Purpose/Benefits This script allows you to style a column in a piv

Change The "Grand Total" Label In A Pivot

The following script can change the labelwidget.on('ready',function(e, args){ $('[id="' + args.widget.oid + '"]').find('span:contains("Grand Total")').text("YTD"); $('widget[oid="' + args.widget.oid + '"]')

Center / Zoom Scatter Map

Introduction The following article will explain how to center and zoom scatter map.Purpose/Benefits This script allows you to center and zoom a map according to a given latitude and longitude.Example In the Exa

Disable Percentages In Tooltip For Pie And Column Charts

The following solution is relevant to both Pi and column charts. Illustrations were supplied for Pi charts only for simplicity. If you'd like to remove the percentage value in the tooltip hover menu as illustra

Filter Members Limitation

download: FilterMembersLimitation.zip INTRODUCTION:This plugin explains how to limit filter members selection based on a predefined dimension.PURPOSE/BENEFITS:This plugin sets a maximum number of filter members

Seconds Formatting

Download: secondsFormatter.zipINTRODUCTIONThis article explains how to install and format time in seconds in Sisense.This plugin adds a button to the widget editor, which allows a dashboard designer to specify

Show Values Inside Pie Chart (Instead Of Percentage)

Introduction By default Sisense allows users to create pie charts that show the percent to total inside each slice.  However, some users may want to see the actual value inside the chart instead of the percenta

Text Wrapping For Long X-Axis Labels & Legend Sorting In Stacked Charts

Introduction When our chart x-axis have long labels, by default the SISense Web application will not render the entire label. For this, we can use the following script which wraps the text and breaks the text l

Hide Filters

Download: Hide FiltersPlugin allows the dashboard owner to hide filters to all users the dashboard is shared with.STEPSThe following steps will walk through the process of hiding a dashboard filterSTEP 1 - ADD

Align A Single Column In Pivot

If the value you want to center is the first column (shown below as Total Cost) - Give the following script a try:/*Center aligns first Value column */ widget.on('ready', function(sender, ev){ $('td.p-grand-tot

Format Axis Labels In Charts

IntroductionIn this post we will explain how to format the axis labels in charts, remove truncation, add new line etc.Purpose/BenefitsPresent long labels, break text to multiple line.ExampleCreate chart widgetE

Format Widget Title

Introduction This post will give the JavaScript necessary to format the Widget Title.Purpose/Benefits When formatting your dashboard, manipulating the Widget Title to match your other formatting will give the d

Column And Line Chart Formatting

Introduction SiSense widgets can be customized using simple JavaScript.  Using this JavaScript our users can easily manipulate the look and feel of the widgets to suite their needs, and match the themes of thei

Hide Export Options Plugin (Excel, PDF, And More)

Download: Hide Export Options This plugin allows an admin to hide export options from a widget's download menu. Features include the ability to select specific charts and menu options to hide and the ability to

Embedding Custom Visualizations Within A Widget

Introduction This document outlines the process for overriding an existing chart with a Highcharts Donut Pie chart.  For a more robust solution, it is recommended to create a custom plugin as that would allow n

Elasticube Build Button

Download: LinkINTRODUCTIONThis article explains how to install and use the Elasticube Rebuild Button.This plugin adds a button to all dashboards' settings menu, that enables an admin user the ability to trigger

Create Bell Curve In A Widget

When you look at the script, you'll see some values that come from the dashboard:MedianPerc: This is the median percent (our X-axis is in percentages)SD1: This is a calculation to get to +1 Standard DeviationSD

Changing Value Label's Font Size, Weight And Rotation

Introduction Value labels at the floating figures above a series in a bar chart, column chart, or line chart.  Purpose/Benefits Changing value labels can be useful to make a measure stand out more.ExampleSteps

Giphy Widget

Download: GIPHY WIDGETINTRODUCTIONThis article explains how to install and use the giphy widget.This is an extension of the existing image widget allowing you to define a keyword and with the giphy api display

Change The Color Of Values On Pie Chart Slices

In order to change the color of the values on the pie chart slices one can use the following widget code :widget.on('ready', function(se,ev){ var color = 'red'; $('.pie-percent-label tspan').css('fill',

Advanced Custom Filter (With Multi Select)

Download: Advanced Custom FilterINTRODUCTIONThis article explains how to create custom filters as a plugin in Sisense.Sisense comes with a set of native/robust filter options, but these are always displayed on

Improved (Enhanced) Color Manager Plugin

Download linkThe Color Manager plugin, originally by Tommy, is a great plugin which allows you to define specific colors for specific categories (and not to values, which is the way Sisense works by default). F

Auto Collapse Dashboard And Filter Pane

The script below will collapse the dashboard and filter panes when a dashboard first loads. This is helpful when embedding with Iframe and you do not want these panes to show, but do not want to disable them fo

Change Color Of Data Bars In Pivot

IntroductionIn this post we will explain how to change the color of the data bars in a widgetPurpose/BenefitsAdjust bar colors according to your needExampleStepsStep 1:Create Pivot table and enable data bars on

Clickable URL Links In Pivot Rows

Adding some steps to make a URL clickable within a pivot table:1. Create a custom column within the table with the URLs you would like to make clickable. In this example I called it HTMLURL Craft the HTML versi

Trellis Widget

Download: trellis.zipVersion: 1.1This article explains how to create a trellis chart using Sisense.  This is helpful for showing a dynamic number of charts, based on your data StepsThe following steps will walk

Change Color For Specific Category In Pie Chart

Edit the widge script. Copy and paste the code below and set the category name and color (hex format) desired.widget.on('ready', function(se, ev){ var e = element; var chart = e.data('hc'); var categ

Hide The Lines In A Pivot Table

The need is to hide the lines in the pivot as shown here:here is the code to do it:widget.on('ready', function(w, args) { $('.p-container .p-fixed-cols, .p-container .p-fixed-corner',element).css('border-right'

Export Tables To CSV Post Plugin

Download Zip: ExportTablesToCSVPostPluginFiles included: ectools.zip ectools_sisense_ver<6.4.zip - (only for versions 6.4 and below) python-2.7.11.amd64.msi config_example.txt EC_export.dllThis post expla

Sort Stacked Area Line Or Column Chart Category Order By Category Total

Visualization ChallengeUnderstand the rank of each category by total or total contribution in stacked visualizations.SolutionEdit the order of stacked bar or area charts by the total sum of each category.Viz Ex

Removing Value Labels And Markers From A Specific Series

When toggling the "value labels" switch of a widget's design pane, the labels are enabled or disabled for the entire chart.In case you have multiple series and you want to disable just one of them (typical when

Dynamic today filter

Based on a filter date, the dashboard script looks up the max date in the filter that is not greater than today and defaults to that date. The only addition, would be to create a date range instead of defaultin

D3 Force Directed Network Diagram

This article explains how to create a force directed network diagram using Sisense.  This is helpful for showing hierarchies or relationship within your data.  Download:Plugin-Force Directed Network.zipSamples

Changing Fonts, Rows And Background Styling Of Pivots

Changing the style properties of a pivot can be done via the dashboard script.It is also possible to change the properties of the values only if needed. Open dashboard script editor paste the code below in t

Filter Buttons Widget

Download: FilterButtons.zipVersion: 1.2How to Install and Configure the ExtensionStep 1 - Add The PluginDownload the attachment and unzip the contents into your C:\Program Files\Sisense\PrismWeb\plugins\ folder


Download: SparklineVersion: 1.2IntroductionThis article explains how to install and configure the Sparkline widget as seen below. A Sparkline is a very small line chart, typically drawn without axes or coordina

Track Dashboard Usage With Google Analytics

Plugin OverviewThis plugin registers every page view from your Sisense instance to your Google Analytics account. https://analytics.google.comConfiguration You must specify your Google Analytics "tracking ID"

Collapsible Tree Node With Zoom&Drag

Download: Collapsible Tree Node PluginVersion: 1.2IntroductionThis article explains how to install and configure the Collapsible Tree Node widget as seen below. Tree data structures and representations are some

Open Ended Survey Analysis

Download:  SentenceCloudIntroductionOpen ended survey questions are answered as free form sentences. This plugin parses out the sentences and extracts phrases of configurable length. 1 Word, 2 Words etc.Note: T

Data Write-Back / Closed Loop BI

Download: WriteBackTablePluginDownload:  JavaRestEndPointWebAppIntroductionData Write-Back or closed loop BI is a cyclical process via which a business user interacts with a dashboard; makes inputs directly on

Images In Bar Chart

Download: Images in Bar Chart NOTES: This plugin works with Sisense version 6.6.1 or later.This plugin adds additional functionality to bar charts, allowing them to show custom images in the end of each bar. Th

Quadrants Chart Plugin

Download: Quadrants ChartIntroductionThis article will explain how to change a Scatter Chart to a Four Quadrants Chart. It is an extension to the existing Scatter Chart and can only be applied to that widget.B

Second Value To Cartesian Charts

Download: Second Value to Cartesian ChartsIntroductionToday, when you create one of the following charts: Column Chart, Line Chart, Area Chart or Bar Chart, you can add X-Axis, values and Break By. When you set

Pareto Chart

Download: Pareto Chart PluginVersion: 1.2IntroductionThis article explains how to install and configure the Pareto Chart widget as seen below. The Pareto chart is named after Italian sociologist, economist and

Word Cloud Plugin

Download: WordCloud D3.js ProjectIntroduction This article explains