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Beginner Sisense REST API Tips

Three tips for new users working with Sisense's REST API for the first time.1. If you're running API calls through our Swagger UI (ie, by going to Admin -> REST API -> REST API Reference), you do not need to ge

Access Sisense API From Postman

Introduction:In order to invoke the Sisense API from Postman or from an external application you first need access to an API token.In order to do this you need to make a POST request with the username and passw

Modifying Sign-in Cookie Expiration in REST API

It is possible to modify the cookie expiration period and by that to determine how for how long the user will remained logged in when checking the "Remember Me". When a user logs in to Sisense and does not che

cURL API usage

There are various ways to send API call commands in Sisense, the two basic common ways we use today are: Admin UI Swagger interface Postman Another common way we could encounter, is the need of assistance in us

REST API - Adding Data Level Security

When building code to automate the process of adding users (or groups), it may be beneficial to add security around those users. Follow the steps below to learn how to add data level security through the REST A

Manage Color Palettes

Introduction This step-by-step article explains how to change the color palette so that you can use custom colors for elements of the Sisense dashboards. (This will work in V5.7.5 and higher).   How to get your

Add Multiple Users from a CSV file and an API

In some cases, you would like to add many users in bulk.The users are often managed in a CSV file.With the following steps, you will be able to insert users from a CSV file by converting the CSV file to a JSON

Curl Setup steps

Download and run the Exe and Pem files The directory to extract it to should be - C:\Curl Using the exe file by holding shift + right-click:

Creating users from a CSV file in bulk

In some cases, you would like to add many users manually and in bulk and won't want to go through the process of entering one at a time. With the following steps, you can insert users from a CSV file by convert

Hierarchies API

Disclaimer: This is not a documented endpoint and thus might be changed in future versions. If this does not work, do not bother filing a support ticket. This is unsupported behavior. This API overview was gene

Retrieving Or Searching Dashboards Of A Particular User

Question: Is it possible to query for dashboards of a specific user?Answer: the right direction is with the /admin endpoint.You can use it to get the primary instances of all dashboards owned by a specific user

Data Dictionary Rest API V2.0

Using the API we can retrieve the descriptions the users write in the elasticube for tables and columns.Edit the following:1. Type username, password, server2. Update the oid with the desired model you would li

Switching All Dashboards Sources From One Source To Another

In some cases user would like to change the source of all dashboards that are using one source to a different source. This can be a time consuming process if you have multiple dashboards.Instead of changing one

Get Widget’s Values Directly From The ElastiCube (API Request)

DescriptionShifting between external sources that are based on different scripting languages is not an easy task. When there is a requirement to query a secured widget's data to an external source (Such as JQue

Moving Your Data Security From A Cube To A Set

In some cases you would like to move a cube that has data security on it to a set, doing that will require recreating all of the data security from scratch. Easy solution is to take the data security from the o