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User Management

Sisense has two aspects of license and user management for activating the system and accessing Sisense platform.This article demonstrates how to handle password update for either Sisense Package Activation or S

How to Disable Emails from Sisense

Question:Many customers have expressed interest in disabling the emails that Sisense sends to users when certain events occur, such as a user is added to Sisense or a user is shared on a dashboard.For a list of

Active Directory FAQ's

How do I connect to Active Directory? Go to Active Directory under Admin in Sisense web Connection String : the address to the Active Directory server (ask your IT department) Base DN: Break down your domain

How to Export a List of Sisense Users

Question: How can I export a list of Sisense users, for example users from a specific group?Solution: Using the REST API you can pretty quickly get this info in JSON document format.The GET /users API supports

Change the User Activation Expiration Period

Question:How to change the activation period for new usersPurpose/BenefitsFor security purposes, new users have a seven day activation period.  After that seven day period they no longer can activate their acco

Link To SiSense Dashboard - How To Open Using The SiSense Application

Question: I have a mobile application that will have a link to a SiSense dashboard.  Rather than opening the link in a browser, I am hoping to have the link open in the SiSense native application.  How can this

How to transfer Sys.Admin user

Question: How can I transfer Sys.Admin role to another user?Solution: While Sys.Admin user is a core of Sisense application and it's role cannot be changed you can change the user details in order to switch use

How To Find Your Sisense Version?

Question: How can I help the exact version and build of my Sisense environment?Solution: There are 3 easy ways to find the exact version of your environment:On the web application Open your Sisense web applic

MongoDB logs take too much Drive space

Question: MongoDB logs keep growing and lead to no available space on Drive.Solution: Need to Enable Log Rotation In MongoDB.The following properties, located in "C:\Program Files\Sisense\Infra\MongoDB\mongodbc

[Custom SMTP Email Server] - Outlook365 Error `432 4.3.2 STOREDRV.ClientSubmit; Sender Thread Limit Exceeded`

Question: As of version 7.3, If you're using Outlook365 (not on-prem) as your SMTP server, you might encounter the following error when sending batch emails:432 4.3.2 STOREDRV.ClientSubmit; sender thread limit

Force Start A Sisense Service From Windows PowerShell

Question: Sisense Service hangs and I try to start them in Windows Services, but the usual net stop & net start will not restart them. net stop /y will stop all dependencies.Solution: Follow the instructions be

Automatic Import Of Your Active Directory Groups And Users

Question: How can I automate the AD import? For those of us who are using active directory, it might be a tedious process to import all of the relevant groups and users from it to Sisense.Solution: We have writ

Installing Python On IIS

Question: Some users might want to install python on their IIS, for example in order to establish SSO by using python code. How can I install it?Solution: In order to do so, follow these steps: Insure you hav

Resizing SVI (System Volume Information)

Question: Sometimes your server might run out of space on because the SVI (System Volume Information) is eating up all memory.The system volume information is used in windows in order to save information relate

What Does Full Dataset Name Look Like?

Question: I'm trying to create Data Security rules. I've tried the full set name and several other things. What should go in this parameter? Solution: For sets, the server is "Set". The  name of the elasticube

How to send emails to Gmail groups

Question: I am trying to send scheduled reports to Gmail groups. Is it a possible option if so how can this be achieved? Solution: Email recipients must have a user account in Sisense in order to receive dashbo