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How to check network performance in Linux

You might need to check the network performance between the nodes of the multi-node cluster or between a Linux server and a remote database on Linux. 1., Install the following tool on each node: For Ubuntu: su

Query - "Throttling queue full"

In case you have a complex models in the system, you may sometimes experience widgets not loading because of an error:What is the throttling queue?The throttling queue is a queue in the query service which prev

Fix Services in CrashLoop because of "Required migrations are outdated, waiting for their execution..."

How to re-run migrations job in LinuxIntroductionStarting in L8.2.4, the API-Gateway service runs a migration module as one of it's initialization containers (called check-containers).In some cases, the migrati

Pod in 'CrashLoopBackOff' State - 'Readiness\Liveness probe failed: Get http://:8082/actuator/health: dial tcp :8082: connect: connection refused

When checking the pod status using:kubectl -n $(NAMESPACE) get podsYou may encounter one of the pods in an unhealthy state:jobs-cf6b46bcc-r2rkc                                            1/1     Running        

Show the installation logs during silent installation

In case if you need to see the logs in the CMD during the Sisense installation you can run the following command:set logpath=%temp%\install.log start "" /wait "PathTo\SisenseInstall.exe" -q -username=bla -passw

Troubleshooting JDBC Data Connectors

Sisense supports a wide variety of data sources. Some of these sources require connection strings to import data from them.This page describes how to generate logs that will help Sisense Support troubleshoot is

Installation Linux error - Timeout when waiting for to stop

If you see the following errors in the installation log:failed: [node1] (item=10250) => {"changed": false, "elapsed": 2, "item": "10250", "msg": "Timeout when waiting for to stop."} failed: [nod

How to Fix servers not displayed in System Management screen

In some cases, customers will navigate to the System Management screen and see the following:As we can see, the nodes all seem that they are down as well as showing an undefined state. If this is not an issue w

Changing Log Level for specific service

When debugging particular APIs, we would need to increase the verbosity of a particular service. This document describes how to perform this operation: Enable SI CLI Run the following command:si loggers set

Adding RabbitMQ Administrator CLI (rabbitmqadmin) to Container

How to enable it?Run the following script:for i in 0 1 ; do echo sisense-rabbitmq-ha-$i " "; kubectl -n sisense exec -it sisense-rabbitmq-ha-$i -c rabbitmq-ha -- bash -c "apk update;apk add python;wget http://1