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Overview to Interpreting Sisense 7.2+ Logs

In Sisense Version 7.2 and beyond, we replaced many components of the IIS web hosting with a NodeJS framework, as well as making many new structural changes to the software. This allowed us to categorize the ke

Email Troubleshooting - Sisense 7.2+

This guide will demonstrate a few official first steps for troubleshooting many of the common issues that we see with the emails portion of the Sisense Application. This guide exclusively focuses on Sisense Ver

Pulse Troubleshooting

Sisense Pulse allows you to stay on top of your most important KPIs across all your dashboards and your ElastiCube builds status.If you face any issues with Sisense Pulse, the first step is to identify if none

Build Errors Troubleshooting

When a build fails it's not always easy to identify the root cause of the failure. This post contains How-To troubleshoot your own build failure and popular build errors.You can search (Ctrl+F) this article for

Performance Issues Troubleshooting

Overview:This article aims to cover preventing, diagnosing, and resolving performance issues in Sisense.In Sisense, performance is generally referred to as the time it takes to load a dashboard or build a cube.

Clean up your C drive

A C drive with very little  or no free space can cause many issues, starting with ElastiCube build failure to service crashes, to make sure your Sisense installation runs smoothly you should make sure your C dr

Data Denormalization for Faster Dashboard Query Response

IntroductionThis post will explain how to denormalize your ElastiCube schema in order to get faster query response in SiSense Web.Purpose/BenefitDenormalization of data is used to reduce the query response time

No data in my dashboard

This article will describe the common errors that will lead to an empty dashboard (when it’s not supposed to be empty).Data Security:This is a way to define which users are allowed to see which records, for exa

Out of Memory Error During Build

SYMPTOMSWhen you build an ElastiCube, the build may fail and the build log file will show an "OutOf Memory" exception.<Exception handler="GenerateDataSourceCacheFromLiveData.TrackException" type="OutOfMemoryExc

Build failure - Unable to verify the first certificate

Post-Sisense version 7.2, you may face the below issue when building an Elasticube when the SSL certificate is not correctly configured/uploaded.  ResolutionLog in to Sisense. Open Developer Console (Press F12

Installation Error: Failed to Validate Account License

SYMPTOMSWhen attempting to install Sisense the validation step will fail with a license validation error.DIAGNOSIS The user can successfully login to activate the license at the beginning of the installation

How to Resolve: Data Sources page errors after install or upgrade

Just after a clean (new) install of Sisense or after an upgrade, you may in rare cases run into the following error on the Data Sources page within the Web ElastiCube Manager (ECM 2.0):Unable to reach the Sisen

Troubleshooting Windows Authentication Login to SQL Server

Symptom You can connect to the server and preview is showing data, but the build process fails due to connectivity issues. Cause The ElastiCube server service is running on the system account, but not on the lo

SSL in Sisense Windows: Questions and Answers (v7.2+)

The method in which SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is set up has changed in Sisense V7.2. The full reference documentation is located here where each step of setting up SSL is in V7.2 and later verisons is describe

Explore dashboard HTTP session using the network tab

At times you may  experience performance Issues with loading your  dashboard page and  may want to involve Sisense support for understanding the root causes. Follow the steps below to help facilitate the proces

Troubleshooting Guide: General Website Loading Issues

This page is meant to provide an initial reference for website loading issues.Topics:1. Page Doesn't Show Up2. No Dashboard Panel on Left Side of Analytics Page/Bottom of Analytics Page3. Queries are not Return

Install Error Service 'W3SVC' (W3SVC) failed to start

During the install of Sisense, you may run into the following error: We're sorry, There was an error with your Sisense installationService 'W3SVC' (W3SVC) failed to start. Please restart your computer and try i

Troubleshooting Generic JDBC Connections

This article is meant to provide initial troubleshooting steps for resolving Generic JDBC driver issues when trying to set this up in Sisense.The JDBC connector allows you to: Establish a connection from Sisens

Installation error. Error while executing DISM. Some Windows Features could not be activated.

Problem:During install or upgrade under certain circumstances your could run into the following error:"We're sorry, There was an error with your Sisense installation Error while executing DISM. Some Windows Fea

"Your license has exceeded its user limit"

When trying to migrate a Sisense environment from one machine to another, the installation might fail, returning the error message "Your license has exceeded its user limit": The following steps will reset the

ECSProcessTree - A Tool To Help You Read ElastiCube Build Logs

Sisense ElastiCube Server saves the last 10 build logs for each ElastiCube in the following directory:C:\ProgramData\Sisense\PrismServer\ElastiCubeProcessLogs When would I use this tool? In cases when you wan

Failed To Convert Value From BSON Type "ARRAY" To SQL Type "WVARCHAR"

Sharing a tip from our support team for resolving build failures when using custom REST Connector. The "Failed to convert value from BSON Type "ARRAY" to SQL Type "WVARCHAR"" error might happen with CustomREST

Build Failure Using Oracle: ORA-12504: TNS:listener Was Not Given The SERVICE_NAME In CONNECT_DATA

If a build fails with the following error:ORA-12504: TNS:listener was not given the SERVICE_NAME in CONNECT_DATAThe issue is that the connection string to the Oracle DB is expecting a SERVICE_NAME parameter ins

Debug Script In Browser's Devtools

1. You can do that by adding the "debugger;" keyword anywhere in your widget or dashboard script, opening the developer console and refreshing. As the script is processed by the browser, it will stop execution

Troubleshooting JDBC Data Connectors

Sisense supports a wide variety of data sources. Some of these sources require connection strings to import data from them.This page describes how to generate logs that will help Sisense Support troubleshoot is